How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Canadian Government Approves Device for Roadside Saliva Drug Tests

For cannabis consumers, knowing how to pass a mouth swab and saliva test is more important than ever. Those with an interest in drug testing, namely law enforcement and employers, love mouth swab and saliva tests because they’re inexpensive and fast. Furthermore, mouth swab tests have the most proximate detection window. That means they’re best-suited to detect immediate or very recent cannabis consumption, whereas urine tests typically detect prior-week consumption and hair follicle tests detect consumption over the last 90 days.

On top of that, companies have made major strides in saliva drug tests. With legalization expanding, and states concerned about traffic safety—even though legal weed doesn’t making driving less safe—roadside saliva and mouth swab tests are more common, more accurate and more widely used than ever before.

In short, with more people consuming weed, more people are interested in testing for it, especially on the job and behind the wheel. Would you know how to pass a mouth swab and saliva test if an officer pulled you over or your boss surprised you at work? Scroll on to learn how to face down even the latest and greatest saliva drug tests and pass with flying colors.

Overview: Who’s Afraid of a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

This guide is for anyone who’s facing or could face a mouth swab drug test or saliva drug test for weed. We go beyond the basics, offering practical advice for passing your mouth swab drug test, even if you have just 24 hours to spare. We also share the most important information about what a mouth swab drug test looks for, when you’re most at risk, and how to be prepared with little or no warning.

What Do Mouth Swab Drug Tests Look For?

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

It’s important to understand what separates saliva swab tests from the standard piss-in-a-cup approach to screening for weed in your system.

For starters, saliva drug tests and urine tests screen for entirely different compounds. Urinalysis screens for THC-COOH, which is a metabolite the body produces as it metabolizes delta-9 THC, the compound that’s psychoactive and gets you stoned when you inhale it or eat it.

Swab tests, on the other hand, are looking for activated THC, that is, delta-9 THC. In other words, exactly what you’d have all over the inside of your mouth after hitting your vape, doing a dab, or just puffing on a joint.

And that’s both the good news and the bad news about mouth swab tests for weed. These tests can’t detect cannabis metabolites that may be lingering in your system from prior consumption. But they can detect the psychoactive THC that gets caught in your spit.

What Is The Range Of Risk For Failing A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

And this brings us to our next point: when are you, cannabis smoker/eater that you are, at risk of failing a saliva drug test?

In technical terms, you’re at risk for as long as the concentration of THC in your saliva is above the lower threshold the test is able to detect. Experts call this the “confirmation cutoff.”

This cutoff varies depending on who makes the test, and manufacturers are always trying to dial in the ideal level.

Additionally, different states have different legal limits for cannabis intoxication, so tests have to fit the law.

Sparing you the details about micrograms per liter, etc. etc., what this all means in practical terms is simple.

You’re probably in the clear if you stop smoking, vaping or eating cannabis for 24-48 hours Giving yourself a week-long weed break would be playing it really safe.

Fortunately, many states require employers to give employees at least a day’s notice in advance of a mouth swab drug test or other type of drug screening.

Simply put: the range of risk for failing a mouth swab drug test is relatively short. Remember, these tests are basically all about seeing if you’re high at the moment—or at least, fresh off a session.

That’s why you’re most likely to encounter them after a reportable incident at work, if you get in a traffic accident or pulled over, or at a random time on the job.

Why Doesn’t THC Stay In Saliva For Very Long?

THC just doesn’t stay in your saliva for very long. And of course there are steps, which we’ll cover below, you can take to speed up the process of eliminating it.

Thankfully, THC metabolites which might make their way through your saliva glands on their way out of your system aren’t going to show up on the swab test. It just isn’t looking for those chemicals.

Ultimately, there’s nothing keeping delta-9 THC in your saliva, except for the fact that after you smoke weed it coats the entire surface of your mouth.

That’s why it only sticks around for a day or two. A week, maybe, if you never brush your teeth or something.

How Do I Pass a Swab Drug Test?

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Knowing what a swab test is looking for and how long you’re at risk is crucial information for passing your screening. If you suspect a saliva drug test is in your future, just hold off smoking for a few days prior.

Eating edibles can reduce your risk of detection, but of course, it’s not as surefire as abstaining altogether. In fact, researchers are hard at work trying to develop tests that have a range low enough to detect for recent edibles consumption.

Sometimes, however, you don’t have the luxury of an advanced warning. Without a heads up, like a surprise test at work or a police checkpoint can leave you vulnerable to mouth swab detection, especially if you’ve smoked recently.

In this case, there are two reliable ways to pass the swab test.

How Do I Pass a Swab Drug Test in 24 Hours?

Let’s start with the best-case scenario. You’re going to get a test at work, but you have a day’s notice before you get swabbed. That’s great news, because even if you did nothing, you’d still have a decent chance at passing the mouth swab drug test. THC only hangs around in your saliva for 24-48 hours. Still, a decent chance may not be good enough. So here’s what to do to speed up the process.

First, start drinking lots of fluids and double check marijuana detection times for your usage. Vigorously swish water around your mouth. Rinse and repeat! You can use mouthwash, if that makes you feel better, but it won’t do anything water can’t. Just be sure to use a mouthwash without alcohol in it, in case the test is also checking for recent alcohol consumption, too!

Remember, you’re just trying to get the active THC from your last smoke or edible out of your mouth and into your stomach, where no swab can swab. Good oral hygiene, like brushing twice a day, using mouth rinses and anti-cavity chewing gum after smoke sessions can go a long way to keeping your saliva clean.

Hydration does wonders, too. Drink water throughout the day to keep your saliva flowing.

This next tip will satisfy the glutton in you: get yourself a helping of the fattiest food you can find. Oily, greasy burgers, fries, pizza, hot wings—any of it. Active THC bonds to fatty foods, hence all those cannabis oils and butters out there. So eating a slice of pizza, for example, will help draw that lingering THC out of your mouth.

Finally, try to remember not to inhale or otherwise consume any weed before your mouth swab drug test. Sounds obvious, but it really is too easy to just take a quick hit of your vape without a second thought. So keep your stash out of arm’s reach until you pass your swab test. Then, celebrate in style.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test With Little To No Warning

Now for the worst-case scenario. You’re pulled over and have no time to spare. No sweat: after reading this guide, you’ll be prepared. Time to commit some adulteration… of your saliva!

Adulterants are chemicals that interfere with drug tests, and new and improved ones come out all the time. It’s a dance: a new adulterant works, it beats the test. But then a new test figures out how to detect the adulterant’s traces. If a tester sees the fingerprint of an adulterant, they’ll just void your test and make you take it again. Of course, that’s one way to buy yourself some time.

For mouth swab drug tests, hydrogen peroxide is the adulterant of choice.

And one company had the ingenious idea of putting little packets of it inside chewing gum. Just pop in a piece of gum, break open the packet and swish.

There are mouthwashes out there that do the same thing, but using one of those in your car might be a little less discreet.

Keep in mind adulterating your saliva will only keep you clean for a half hour, tops. But since this is a last-minute solution, hopefully, that’s all you need.

Final Words On How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

Hopefully, you can breathe a little easier knowing that mouth swab drug tests for weed are definitely the easiest tests to pass. The Delta-9 THC swab tests are looking for doesn’t hang around in your saliva very long. And in a pinch, you can neutralize your saliva. In fact, these tests are so unreliable, you might even pass a swab test a few hours after you smoke. Good luck!

(Updated from a previous post.)

  1. I stopped smoking for a week, had 3 puffs from a one hitter, then stopped for 10 days. I ordered my own saliva test (Precision OralScan test), and took it one week after I stopped, it showed negative. Two days later I took an Orasure Intercept saliva test, which they will send to a lab for results. Will it show a negative result as well..?

    1. You’ll pass. It only detects recent marijuana use 5-10 hrs prior. On the day of the test just brush real good. And then swish your mouth with apple cider vinegar and alcohol mouthwash real good. You should be ok.

  2. I stopped smoking for 3 fuckin days. Swished hydrogen peroxide in my mouth, in the parking lot til I was foaming. Drug test within 20 minutes… Still failed! So 72 hrs with peroxide and I’m not even a heavy smoker! So don’t believe everything you read!

    1. Thank You . I Really was Thinking of Trying this .
      Sorry it Failed
      Did you try something Else that Worked ?

      1. Daily smoker, actually smoked day before around the evening time well into the night and had the test in the morning. Brushed very well, rinsed my mouth out with peroxide, non alcohol mouthwash, altoids (mints), and the strips of breath fresheners. my cheeks were BEYOND sore for a couple days after lol but well worth it, i passed! Better safe than sorry

        1. Ive been hitting my empty cart and i smoked like a tenth of a gram last week, I have a drug test in 4 days and am doing everything to cleanse myself do yall think im good or nah?

      2. it worked for me day after using and i swished hydrogen peroxide around my mouth and 30 min later walla i PASSED, so if ur reading this it worked great for me

    2. I toked up the usual a day and a half before a job related mouth swab and came out successful keep them teeth brushed and the fluids flowing and my ole lady had me swish with salt water any workings behind the salt water I don’t know but still passed.

    3. I hit a joint like 4 times Wednesday night and found out I had to take a mouth swab test Friday morning by 5 PM. I took it at 2, will I pass. I repeatedly brushed my teeth, gargle water from 6 am to 12. Please help I’m nervous

  3. Found this article after I was surprised with a next-day pre-hire drug test. THANK YOU! I’m a daily smoker, MMJ for peripheral neuropathy. Once I knew I had a drug test the next morning, I immediately abstained from further MMJ use (I had smoked the night before I found out about the test) and started super hydrating, brushing and flossing, tongue and cheek scraping, and rinsing with peroxide after every snack and meal. All my snacks and meals were fatty – iced lattes with whole milk, chicken wing pizza… next morning coffee with cream and a donut, then one last intensive brushing session. I brought a little bottle of peroxide with me and swished it for a couple minutes, spit it in an empty water bottle, went in and did my test. Passed!!!

  4. I have a saliva drug test at about 745-8am on friday morning. I smoked at about 10:30pm on Wednesday night.

    Reading about what to do I am still nervous.
    I’m going to be eating pizza maybe a burger and I’ll be washing my mouth out with mouthwash and brushing my teeth and tongue multiple times today. I will also use hydrogen peroxide just before my test.

    Is this enough time to pass?

  5. I had a swab test at work with no notice..was able to get my two sticks of oral clear gum..the test came back inconclusive..then I was sent to the hospital for a piss test.failed and lost the best job I ever had.. I’m by no means a heavy smoker.just a few hits daily at home..pot laws need to change so companies don’t fire so many decent hard working my former company you could be a child molester,wife beater,felon and still have a job… but don’t smoke a little weed at home on your own time and property.. you’ll be treated as a criminal.

    1. My employer asked if I was chewing gum before my test, which I wasn’t.. so I bet it threw ur results maybe a false positive. I wonder if they would let u retake if u tell them u had gum just before..

      1. I have a saliva drug check at approximately 9am on friday morning. I smoked at about 10:30pm on wednesday night time. Analyzing about what to do i’m nonetheless apprehensive. I’m going to be consuming pizza perhaps a burger and that i’ll be washing my mouth out with mouthwash and brushing my tooth and tongue a couple of instances today. I can additionally use hydrogen peroxide simply earlier than my test.for more information
        Visit here

    2. Know this is post a few mos. old but Dam Jim I’m sorry to hear that. Yes I think if you can buy it down the street in local plaza then workplaces need to get with the times. If you fail a DT at work for marijuana then your treated like a criminal, worse than the child molester, spouse abuser, rapist any of those disgusting criminals. I feel for you, I lost my job because someone told a boss I smoked, and I’m not even what is considered a “smoker“. I was sick with it too, lost a damn good job, future in house opportunities. I’m all for if an employer wants you to take a DT, give the 24 to get it done, because if your a “heavy” smoker 24 hrs isn’t going to give enough time to clear it out. You can swish, gargle, spit, eat, whatever. Damn DT are invasion of privacy. I do it in private. If I’m not geeking out at workplace or crashing a fork lift. Then no reason for a pop up request. It’s a fishing expedition totally coated with stinky BS!!!! Sorry so long but it happened to me and struck a cord. Hopefully your in better place and employed.

    3. Fuck that pot laws need to change!!! People should test if you’re high at work what does it matter to you if I’m high at home

  6. I had a pop up test today and didn’t have any type of notice to do anything helpful before the test. But I drink plenty of fluids before work. And it didn’t hold it in the bottom back due to the pockets as well as the build up I’ve been told about. I was able to hold it up top and I flipped it so that the strip would be on my teeth and not the wall of my mouth. Do any of you think this helped me to pass? If so do you think the small amount of cocaine I did earlier in the day would show up on this swab drug test? I’m so freaking nervous because I’ve never done drugs before. But I went out with friends and got loose for the first time in 37 years! And today out of all days my job drug test me for full time employment. And didn’t even give me notice or I would’ve called out sick. But no I pushed myself to go to work because in almost a year of employment I haven’t missed a day of work!

    1. I ate brownies that were my kids “special” brownies on Monday I don’t smoke almost ever and I ha be a text tonight will I be ok?

  7. Paranoid. Just had a mouth swab for new job but instead of letting the swab sit on my gums forever I started producing spit so I could remove it. Now my hubby saying that was stupid lol its been like 3 weeks since I smoked tho. What do u think?

      1. Yes, just found out today I passed. It had been since like early to mid June that I smoked. But I was smoking daily like two to three times..and it was medical grade gooood sh$# now I can start back lol so u can totally put spit from under ur tongue and not scrape your cheek or gums.

    1. That wasn’t stupid at all. That’s what you’re supposed to do, generate new saliva, you know, the saliva that weed didn’t get on. Get a piece of candy and swish it in your mouth. Use all the new saliva for the swab. Get it?

  8. This might be stupid but I took an oral test the other day. I hadn’t smoked in like almost two weeks and even then I had a tiny hit and that was it. BUT I had made out with my boyfriend who is a VERY heavy smoker the night before (like 15 hours before the test), and (TMI I’m so sorry) I had gone down on him about 6 hours before my test. I brushed my teeth and swished with Listerine just in case, and then had a panic attack after realizing I may have fucked up. Can the copious amount of THC in him have transferred into my mouth through either his saliva, etc? I’m freaking out because I should know about the test result tomorrow or the next day. If anyone can give me any reassuring words that would be fantastic.

    1. Edit: I also smoked a cigarette hoping that maybe it would mask any possible THC from him and THEN swished with Listerine. I’ve been researching nonstop lmao.

      1. Anna did yr mans milk mask it or do you now work for babybel,dairylea dunkers or laughing cow
        ❤️💨🤣🤣 yr comment killed me ffs🥵🤣🤣🤣

  9. I don’t think the test just wipes the weed out of your mouth. It tests the saliva itself for the compounds. You can’t just move the THC to your stomach.

    1. False.
      Swab tests, on the other hand, are looking for activated THC, that is, delta-9 THC. In other words, exactly what you’d have all over the inside of your mouth after hitting your vape, doing a dab, or just puffing on a joint.

  10. I had a oral test on a Tuesday And didn’t know up until Tuesday morning and I took a couple hits of joint Literally Monday night, I ended up passing my test and I’m active smoker here’s what I did… that morning I brushed the roof of my mouth, under my tongue and my cheeks throughly for about six minutes, after I rinsed with mouth wash for like two minutes I think when I got to the interview I chewed the extra mint gum and rub around in mouth swishing it around with water up until they called me. And when the swab was put in mouth I didn’t let my spit touch it I had my mouth ajar just enough to suck in air to dry it out and I passed.

  11. I was so certain I would fail my test I actually told my prospective employers probably fail (and that I had my medical cannabis card, which they dont “honor” as a legit Rx but makes it look less elicit)..

    And then I was surprised by a negative result! Almost threw myself under the bus!
    I have to retest in 3 days. I’ll prob still smoke a little today, my usage has really not been much anyways, give it Sat and Sun to clean out, extra hydrate, scrub mouth and swish peroxide on monday before my test and cross my fingers. Will update !

  12. Hey yall, daily smoker here. Taking drug screen for new job in the Morning. Not sure if it will be oral or urine screen. I’m hoping it will be urine because I always bring a bottle of my girlfriends pee to drug screens. But, I’ve been hearing a lot about these oral swabs lately, seems like oral swabs are the new norm. By the time I test I’ll be 36 hours clean. Everyone is saying peroxide and brushing will do the trick so i’ll give it a shot. I’ve been brushing and rising with listerine and peroxide for 2 days. Wish me luck!

      1. I have never failed a mouth swab. I brush really good (sides of mouth, top of mouth, under tongue) then use peroxide. I read somewhere to eat sour candy, so I eat sour patch kids otw there, and I also read to drink soda with lots of carbonation, so I drink a Dr. pepper also otw. I keep a bottle with peroxide in it into the place and I use that again right b4 they give me the test (I spit it out into the bottle when they aren’t looking). This has never failed and I have smoked the same morning too (I wasn’t aware that I was getting the test for a job). But if anyone is still sketchy about all of that, they sell mouth wash for these tests at most adult book stores, or porn stores, and at head shops too. They usually have multiple brands and I buy the medium priced one when I have and that also worked. But I usually stick to my method and it works just fine. And whoever said that they hold the swab with they’re teeth and don’t let it tuch the sides of they’re mouth….. That can’t work because in order for the test to work the swab has to be literally soaked! I have tried putting it into the tube too early and had to get the ting more soaked because it just stopped testing after like only two types of drugs (all the drugs are listed on the tube and you can watch as the lines show up) anyways I hope this helps someone out!!! Good luck Everyone!!! What we do with our own time is our own business! They need to make a test that only shows if your high at that exact moment for things like getting hurt at work. This is just a way to fuck people over, and it can literally distroy people’s lives! Ruin marriages, get children taken away and more!!! SMH and Shame on the people that do these types of things to people!

  13. So does any one k is about probation mouth swabs how they are different and possibly anyone’s stories on how they passed them in a few days I’m very curious because I have a medical card and have decreased my usage now one night of smoking 3 days but in order to transfer my probation I need to Get a complete clean swab of thc and I’m just waiting for her to tell me to come in. Thank you if anyone can give me feed back because I feel like these tests might be different from the ones used at jobs.

  14. Smoke a tiny bit the night before my test. Took mouth swab the next day at about 1 pm just brushed my teeth and used mouth wash. Should I be okay? Didn’t smoke for about 2 days before the night I smoked

  15. Okay guys and gals, I took a mouth swab test today.

    I literally went 29 hours without vaping from the dry herb vaporizer (smoke j occasionally) but whatever I do I do it daily.

    I’ve been through this time and time again and have done all types from urine to hair. I’ve been able to pass every time with flying colors EXCEPT once I failed a HAIR test.

    Anyways I honestly didn’t do a whole lot, I have really good oral hygiene habits already so I just kept brushing and getting the entire mouth gently and using mouth rinse after. I usually hold water in my actual mouth while I’m driving to the appointment so that my mouth get get hydrated from absorption and either way just to get things wet and ready lol.

    I’ll let you all know what the results are!! I promise 😉

  16. I haven’t smoked since like July 25 2020 and it’s august 18 I gotta do a mouth swab tomorrow. I used to smoke like 7 times a day everyday. I’m wondering if gonna fail the test tomorrow? Somebody give me some advice plz need this job bad

  17. I had a mouth swab test today..the kind that turns blue when enough saliva is collected..well when the lady turned her back, I ripped the big flat cotton end off and fished out inner stem and flipped it and put it back in backwards so it was now blue. Then i slipped the end back on..this swab only touched my mouth for a few seconds..anyone think I’m gonna pass or not?

  18. So I had to take a mouth swab drug test the other day for a new job. I passed the visual part. If they send it to the lab is a different story. But what I did, and I’m a heavy smoker; was the day before stopped smoking, the night before I knew I had to take the mouth swab, I ordered a pepperoni pizza, ate about half of it. Making sure to chew all around my mouth. Went to bed then when I woke up, ate a few more slices for breakfast. Flossed good, Rinsed my mouth out with warm water good, then mouthwash, then did a peroxide swish. Brushed my teeth, gums, lips, tongue, under tongue, top of mouth and cheeks good. Rinsed again with peroxide. Drank plenty of water to keep my mouth hydrated. Before I left. I repeated the rinse and brush cycle. On my way. I drank water and chewed gum. Before I went in to do my mouth swab. I finished my bottle of water off and headed in. Did my test. Let the swab sit on the side of my cheek next to my teeth. Making sure to get any left over water on the swab. After 5 minutes took the swab out and put it into the container for testing. Within 10 mins all 5 panels showed negative.

  19. The article suggesets not using alcohol mouthwash, as the test may also look for alcohol consumption.

    This is bad advice. There is nothing illegal about alcohol mouthwash, and it doesn’t intoxicate you. Simply tell them you have used mouthwash at the test, if they ask. If they’re testing for alcohol they’ll probably use a breathyliser anyway, as this detects alcohol vapors that come directly from your blood via your lungs.

    THC does not dissolve in water, but it does dissolve in fats and alcohol. How many of us use isopropynol to clean our equipment? We do this because alcohol is a very effective solvent of cannabinoids.

    Washing your mouth with alcohol mouthwash is very effective at cleaning cannabinoids away (at least in my anecdotal experience). If you’re really worried about triggering an alcohol test after cleaning your mouth, then just avoid using it immediately before the test. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it multiple times the day before the test, though.

    Lattes with full fat milk will also dissolve cannabinoids.

    1. Last joint tues nite
      Coated mouth with peanut tues Wed 2 times, 1 to 2 bottles of water each day . Brushed my teeth 3 times tues wed thur 2x on Fri. Thur at 11pm and 12Am and 1Am took a shot of apple cider & ate Chinese Friday bushed 2x drank a sunkist took a bottle with me swish water inmouth on t way there spit after wash in can . Arrived took a few drinks of water. On fri about 930 am got up at 8am. Passed hope it helps!

  20. Test probaby after interview tomorrow around 2-3, Have not smokes since 9-10pm yesterday. I have been a daily smoker for a few years(6). Am I probably going to pass? Can I take a tiny toke right now? LOL

  21. I was given a Drug test on Monday at 12:30 so I waited til Tuesday 12:30 For the 24Hrs but it turned into 27 Hrs because the didn’t test me til 1:30…….Damn near drank a bottle of Listerine and Swished a saliva Rinse right before I went in. I Guess we will see….

  22. If I understand this correctly, the THC that saliva tests detect gets into your saliva as it passes through your mouth.
    If so, Does eating edibles, especially if you just swallowed them down like popping a pill and don’t chew on them, reduce the detectable THC in your saliva compared to smoking?

  23. I don’t understand why this article doesn’t have a date informing us when it was written/posted. Obviously I can tell from the comments, but if nobody commented on this, how would I and others be able to tell how dated or recent these techniques are? “Updated from a previous post.” What post? How long ago?

    VERY poor journalism practice.

  24. So , I have to do an drug test on Wednesday & I been smoking since Last Night. If I don’t smoke tomorrow , will it still show up on my drug test. And it’s an Mouth Swab. !

  25. So I just passed my mouth swab test like 20 minutes ago. Test was around 1 pm, and I smoked 2 bowls at 10 pm the previous night. All I did was gargle mouthwash & brush my teeth that night, then did both again in the morning. Chewed a lot of months/gum & drank a club soda on the way there. When I actually did the swab, I still had partially chewed gum in my mouth, that was probably a plus. But I passed on the spot, so these tests really can’t be that through.

  26. So i have a drug test for school on thursday, today being tuesday and im a daily smoker about like 4-5 times a day, if i use hydrogen peroxide before the test and i don’t smoke wednesday, will i pass?

  27. All the advice here worked. Passed. Stopped for 10 hoirs prior to test. Used half and half peroxide mix 30 min prior to leaving. Ate meatballs for breakfast. Brushed and listerined. Went in did another swish of half and half water n peroxide. Used alcohol free mouth wash. Ate a crybaby gumball. Ate 3 warheads. Ate 3 sour mints. Put 3 sour mints and 2 warheads gummies under my tongue. BOOM!
    Mouth swab yest passed!

  28. Anna did yr mans milk mask it or do you now work for babybel,dairylea dunkers or laughing cow
    ❤️💨🤣🤣 yr comment killed me ffs🥵🤣🤣🤣

  29. So I had a pre-employment drug and alcohol saliva test I found out march 20 at 10am that I had this test for March 21 at 1:30 pm. I had smoked a dab at about 7 Am March 20th and I am daily smoker; I went to Google and read each one of these comments and followed each according, I tried to stay hydrated, I ate a fatty lunch,I went home had a fatty dinner hot wings and lasagna (BP) pop (faygo) candy water like feast! Lol and I brushed and flossed before bed and than I sucked dick lol! and in the morning I left over lasagna. Than I brushed with crest two step detoxification tooth paste. I brushed my cheeks under my tongue and picked my teeth. I had smoked 2-3 cigarettes that night ( I rare rarely smoke cigs) so maybe that played a factor. PASSED!

  30. I don’t see how peroxide would help because when I use it I feel like just produce more saliva. I have one in three days haven’t smoked in two and I’ve been using rubbing alcohol like y’all did peroxide. It’s horrible but I feel like it kills my saliva glands for a second, I’m going to keep brushing and rising and eating fatty. I should be good right?

  31. I’m having an interview tomorrow at 3pm cst and I smoked 4 days ago and been brushing my teeth with 3% peroxide toothpaste

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