Puff N Pilates Founder Shares How Cannabis Can High-ten Your Pilates Practice

Britney Ortiz is shaking up the pilates scene with some puffs of pot.
Puff N Pilates Founder Shares How Cannabis Can High-ten Your Pilates Practice
Courtesy of Brittney Ortiz

Britney Ortiz is disrupting LA’s pilates scene with a strong core, reformer machines…and cannabis. With Puff N Pilates, Ortiz has developed a high-tened pilates experience that will elevate your mind, body, and soul.

The one-of-a-kind fitness experience was created when Ortiz fused together two of her favorite things–cannabis and pilates. Pilates classes rarely have a spiritual aspect to them; they’re usually solely focused on strengthening your core and toning other muscle groups. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why not take your workout to the next level, mentally and spiritually? Plus, if you’ve exercised while stoned before, you’re already aware of the enjoyment it can bring.

Ortiz has a background in fitness. Five years ago, she was competing in bodybuilding competitions—a totally different vibe than pilates. However, after developing multiple injuries, she decided to give pilates a shot, since it’s a low impact workout with little risk of developing injuries.

“I took one class and decided to immerse myself deeper into the practice and get certified. During my training, I learned how to activate any body part I wanted without moving a muscle. I felt like a superhero!” she says. “Being in tune with my body and building that muscle/mind connection was life changing for me. I recreated those ‘aha moments’ by sharing these newfound treasures with my clients.”

Cannabis became an important part of Ortiz’s life, so it was only natural that it spilled over into her pilates practice. “Cannabis was always so fascinating to me and I didn’t really get into it until after I had a baby and suffered from bad postpartum depression,” she says. “After hitting an all-time low and losing myself, I started my spiritual journey and started incorporating cannabis into my practice, and it immediately connected me mentally and emotionally into my body. It allowed me to calm my mind and let go of all of the self-limiting beliefs and fears. It gave me a whole new perspective, allowing me to recreate my story and get back to my authentic self.”

Courtesy of Britney Ortiz

“Cannabis has been used for years by shamans and mystics to heal individuals through ceremonies, and now we can do the same,” Ortiz points out. “It offers a peak experience allowing you to expand your mind and sink deeper into your practice.”

She continues, “Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and everyone has a different reaction to different strains, so I’m hoping to spark up that discussion during my class and allow individuals the space to start getting curious about their bodies and discover what works best for them. It’s all about getting in tune with your body, mind and spirit–and cannabis is a wonderful tool for that when paired with pilates.”

Courtesy of Britney Ortiz

One of the main spiritual focuses of Puff N Pilates classes is working with chakras. Chakras are essentially energy points in our bodies through which energy flows. We all have seven: Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. It’s believed that if any of our chakras are blocked, physical and emotional problems may ensue.

For example, a blocked root chakra may result in emotional feelings of anxiety or depression or physical problems like constipation or urinary issues. Each chakra, when blocked, can cause different ailments, so to avoid this, you want to open your chakras. This can be done multiple ways, including using cannabis and pilates.

Ortiz says, “My goal in my class is to align each individual physically and spiritually. So, I thought that I would put my focus on one chakra point each week! I pair that with a cannabis company I absolutely love called CHAKRAS. They have a specific strain that resonates with each chakra point.” Strains range from an uplifting clear sativas to calming heavy indicas.

Courtesy of Britney Ortiz

Not only does Ortiz pair a specific strain of cannabis to each class and chakra, but the workout is also tailored to work with that chakra. Curious how that goes down? Ortiz gives a rundown of how a typical class goes. “We would start off with a cannabis ritual using CHAKRA cannabis depending on what the focus is. For example, if we were focusing on the root chakra, we would start off smoking the [corresponding strain] during the ritual and setting an intention to get grounded,” she explains. “I would then follow that with specific pilates exercises that focus on the physical part of your root chakra which is meant to provide stability and strength. It’s located at the bottom of your spine and tailbone, so, the exercises would be specific to your tailbone and spine.”

So whether you’re a seasoned pilates class goer looking to add some more spirituality into your practice or a newbie to both the pilates and spiritual realms, a Puff N Pilates class can be the perfect environment to explore your mind and body in a different way than you ever have before.

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