Can Smoking Weed Damage Sperm Count?

Can Smoking Weed Damage Sperm Count?

Can smoking weed damage sperm count? If you thought you only had to worry about hot tubs and cell phones, you might be wrong. Some recent studies warn against this insidious side-effect of reefer. Are you at risk?

Is Your Sperm Getting Smoked?

An epidemic has been making the rounds in media headlines. It’s scary and anxiety-inducing. It’s a deeply personal matter that can impact self-esteem and the traditional family structure. Even worse, it can affect the fate of the human race.

We’re talking, of course, about low sperm count.

A man’s sperm count is pretty much the driving factor of whether or not he can get someone pregnant. If he has a sperm count that’s too low, the chances that he’ll be able to biologically father children is lowered significantly. To prevent a lowered sperm count, physicians and fertility specialists recommend some lifestyle tips.

Wearing underwear that’s too tight can affect your sperm, so they recommend wearing loose underwear during the day and going commando at night. It is also recommended that wannabe fathers and sperm donors limit their time in hot tubs.

OK, so don’t chill in the hot tub all day and switch from briefs to boxers. Not too much of a change right? Don’t get too comfy yet, guys.

Recent studies suggest that chronic cannabis use can also screw your sperm.

A 2015 study conducted in Denmark found that regular weed smoking was associated with a lower sperm count in men aged between 18 and 28 years old. The exact figure was a 29 percent lower sperm count than men in the studied demographic who abstained from the herb. Furthermore, regular cannabis use combined with other recreational drug use lowered sperm count by a whopping 55 percent.

And it’s not just a lowered sperm count that chronic smokers need to worry about. Some urologists are reporting that regular heavy weed smokers are producing sperm cells that spin around in circles, rather than propelling themselves toward a potential egg.

Final Hit: Can Smoking Weed Damage Sperm Count?

OK, dudes. The bottom line is that there are a dozen factors that can negatively impact your sperm count. Wearing underwear and pants that are too tight, spending an excessive amount in a hot tub, anabolic steroid use and smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products can all affect a man’s sperm count as well as the quality of his sperm.

Overall poor health will also lower your chances of impregnating someone (as well as lower your sex drive). Even seemingly benign habits, like keeping your cell phone in your pocket or resting your laptop on your lap, can kill your sperm!

So can smoking weed damage sperm count? Maybe. But if you’re an occasional toker in good health, chances are, you have nothing to worry about. You know what they say: everything in moderation. If you’re a chronic cannabis smoker who wants to be a dad someday, it’s not too late to cut back. Sperm cells have a quick turnover rate, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to reverse any damage you may have done.

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