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10 Reasons Why Weed Is Safer Than Alcohol

To have a good time, sometimes you need a little help. But should you reach for the weed or the wine? Here are some reasons why weed is safer than alcohol.

10 Reasons Why Weed Is Safer Than Alcohol

There are, like, a thousand reasons why weed is safer than alcohol. But we’ve condensed it to a list of 10. Next time you go out with your friends, you might have to make a choice. Do you want to drink or do you want to get high? Hopefully, this list will help make the decision easier for you.

10. Will Not Lead To Weight Gain

10 Reasons Why Weed Is Safer Than Alcohol

Let’s start with one of the most basic reasons why weed is safer than alcohol.

Alcohol, by itself, isn’t a total calorie bomb. But it adds up very quickly. Especially when you start adding in sugary mixers and having multiple drinks in a night. While you’re probably not throwing back Lemon Drop shots and Vodka Crans every night, consequences of your weekend party habits have a way of creeping up on you.

All doctors agree that excess weight is unhealthy. By contrast, weed has no calories and thus will not cause weight gain. In fact, it may even have the opposite effect.

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