Big Attack on Big Pharma from…Justin Bieber?!?

Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns

Justin Bieber isn’t known for making a lot of smart decisions, but the pop star did take a few minutes Sunday night to send his fans some information that could help a lot of people.

The tweet on the singer’s account came after a show in Copenhagen:

This is important. A friend showed me this. I’m going to be talking more about this. We all need to pay attention

The note was followed by a link.

Bieber either forgot to tell his followers what the link was about, or, in canny fashion, figured the mystery would get more folks to click.

Those that did were taken to a Facebook page for Attn:, with a video that, in lethal fashion, details Big Pharma’s role in fighting marijuana reform.

Bieber’s not above Tweeting for his sponsors; many there’s some sort of scam going on, but for now, it seems, the singer was doing a good deed for good reasons.

By Tuesday a.m., Bieber’s tweet had been shared 25,000 times.

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