Boston Police Commissioner: ‘Everywhere I Go, All I Smell Is Pot’

Boston Police Commissioner: 'Everywhere I Go, All I Smell Is Pot'
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The Boston Police Commissioner has a problem. He smells weed everywhere he goes. That doesn’t sound like too much of a problem to us. But let’s hear the guy out.

Marijuana In Massachusetts

Last year, the residents of the state of Massachusetts voted in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. Most people have been pretty happy with the legislation. After all, weed has a ton of health benefits, it’s non-addictive and it can even help people recover from opioid dependencies. All in all, we’d say that a bit of grass makes everything better.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this.

There are some people who, for whatever reason, are against social and political progress. We’re not saying that the Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is against progress and instead prefers regressive policies per se. But we did get a whiff of his statements regarding the now legalized state of cannabis in Massachusetts.

“Everywhere I go, all I smell is pot now, I hate to say it,” he complained on Boston Public Radio.

The hosts of the radio show thought he was making a joke.

He was not.

In fact, Evans lobbied and campaigned against cannabis legalization last year. It’s pretty safe to say that he is definitively anti-cannabis.

During the radio segment, Evans went on to say that he has been smelling pot in public areas, like Boston Common, and at parades. He said he is also growing increasingly concerned about people driving while high. It is particularly frustrating for him since there is currently no way to test if someone is high while behind the wheel.

Twilight Zone Situation?

We can certainly sympathize with Commissioner Evans to some degree.

As an officer of the law, it probably is stressful not being able to determine if people are driving while stoned. But we can’t help but speculate on his claims that he smells pot everywhere.

Really? Everywhere?

Boston is a major city. And it’s one that is friendly and accessible to pedestrians. Like most major walkable cities in the United States, such as New York and Philadelphia, it has never been uncommon to smell people smoking weed on the street.

We can’t imagine that the Boston police commissioner is experiencing this for the first time.

Also, isn’t the smell of cannabis leagues better than all of the other smells a city might offer? Seriously, which would you rather smell: cannabis or garbage? Weed or human waste? It’s an easy choice.

Here’s one theory about Commissioner Evans’ feelings.

He’s not really smelling weed everywhere he goes. He only thinks he is. And his paranoia is bolstered by the fact that his legal powers in that area have been greatly reduced. Or, before legalization, he had a degree of sensory adaptation and no longer smelled pot in public areas. But now, his senses have been refreshed, and he’s currently living in his own, personal hell.

Final Hit: Boston Police Commissioner: ‘Everywhere I Go, All I Smell Is Pot’

All joking aside, we sincerely hope that the people of Massachusetts are being smart with their new cannabis freedom. We trust that they’re enjoying their bud in a responsible manner and keeping up to date with the changing laws regarding it. And most of all, we hope that Commissioner William Evans finds a degree of inner peace throughout all of this.

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