Canadian Dispensary Clerk Fights off Three Burglars With a Giant Bong

Tyendinaga police are looking for the three men who attempted to rob the dispensary, only to be resisted by a bong-wielding store clerk.
Canadian Dispensary Clerk Fights off Three Burglars With a Giant Bong
BigDaddyDishrags/ YouTube

Police are still investigating an aggravated burglary and robbery attempt at a cannabis dispensary in Ontario on September 6. Concealed behind black hoodies and wielding large cans of bear spray, four men sprang into the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Shannonville before being fended off by a dispensary worker. With little more than a large glass bong, the owner battled through the spray and objects the burglars hurled at him, ultimately backing them out of the door. Tyendinaga Police are still seeking any information and leads about the incident. The burglars were last spotted heading west on Old Highway 2 in a white SUV.

Dispensary Worker Backs Down Burglars With a Bong

Security footage captured from the scene of the burglary is incredible. Two dispensary workers are standing behind the counter when three men wearing black hoodies, masks, and rubber gloves dash into the retail area. The leader lets fly a thick burst of bear spray, a highly concentrated pepper spray used to fend off bear attacks. The puff of red spray hits both workers square in the face as they duck behind the counter.

But right as the burglars try to make their move, one of the workers springs from behind the counter wielding what looks to be a three-feet long glass bong. From the looks of it, the bong is the largest object the worker could get his hands on.

The three burglars in the video immediately start to retreat toward the door, while the worker advances toward them through more clouds of pungent bear spray. At this point, the whole scene is reminiscent of Act 1 of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Blind and enraged, the worker swings the bong around, backing the burglars to the front door.

A few seconds later, the worker has the burglars in full retreat. In a last ditch effort to reverse the situation, one of the burglars tosses a blue recycling tote at the store worker. Before he does, though, there’s this amazing moment where the worker pauses and drops the bong to his side, as if to say “really?” as the tote flies clumsily over his left shoulder.

Out of options, the burglars finally flee out the door, with the worker advancing upon them. At the last second, the worker swings the bong like a lead pipe, smashing it against something or someone and hurling glass shards everywhere. Locking the door behind the defeated burglars, the worker shouts for his co-worker to call the Police—or to call someone named “Pete”.

Theft or Sabotage? Canadian Dispensary Burglars Leave Unanswered Questions

The video of the attempted robbery and the dispensary worker’s brave stand is already going viral. Everyone is calling it one of the most badass things they’ve ever seen at a cannabis store. In a matter of seconds, one man outnumbered three-to-one turns the tables despite bear mace and a flying recycling bin.

But were the burglars really trying to rob the store, or were they actually trying to commit an act of sabotage? Or was it both? For a brief second, one of the burglars appears to be carrying some sort of bag as he tries to get behind the counter. It makes sense that the bear spray would be used for incapacitating the shop workers. But there’s also no doubt all that spray has irrevocably destroyed any flower or other products it came into contact with. Hopefully, most of the products were in airtight containers.

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