Comedian Greg Proops On The Best Cities for Weed Gifts

Comedian Greg Proops — the smartest (stoned) man in the world. (Photo by Ursula Mann)

Best known for his quick wit and sharp rejoinders on the beloved improv-driven television show Who’s Line is It Anyway?, comedian Greg Proops lately stakes his claim to being the thinking man’s comic on his popular The Smartest Podcast in the World and as a headlining stand-up act. Long a devoted cannabis enthusiast, and well known among his fellow comedians for always (allegedly) carrying incredibly strong joints to share (the secret is he sprinkles hash on them!), Proops even included a short history of marijuana in his new tome, The Smartest Book in the World.

On a national tour to promote its release in paperback, Proops recently shared a smoke and a few laughs with us on the way to his next public appearance. So we asked if he gets a lot of herbal gifts while on the road, and who’s got the best stuff.

“Yes I get some nice gifts, and it’s now wildly frequent because on my podcast I’ve let it be known that I enjoy smoking marijuana,” Proops replied. “So almost everywhere I go people will gift me some amount. The places where I get the most are Portland, Washington and Colorado, because they have mad access to it. San Francisco, always and of course. Lots of weed in Vancouver. In New York, there’s always just a little bit. And London—sometimes…. I don’t generally go for edibles, so if people give me brownies or something, I share those with the crew, and they’re very much appreciated.”

So there you have it folks, go check out Greg Proops on tour and if you’re in a legal state, feel free to say high after the show!

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