Driven Deliveries Announces Intention To Acquire Pot Distributor Humboldt Heritage

The move signifies a shift in the way we consider the cannabis industry.
Nearly 500 Growers Receive Warning Letters from Humboldt County

Driven Deliveries, Inc., the first publicly-traded cannabis delivery service operating in the U.S., has announced its intention to acquire Humboldt Heritage, Inc., a Northern California-based cannabis distribution company with deep roots in the Emerald Triangle. The purchase will result in California’s largest farm-to-consumer, vertically-integrated operator and is projected to add an additional $20 million to Driven’s 2020 revenue forecast.

For California’s cannabis consumers, the deal will make it easier than ever to buy products grown and produced by multi-generational heritage farms in the state’s world-renowned growing region. 

Acquisition Brings Consumers Closer to World-Renowned Humboldt County Cannabis

Many consider the cannabis grown in the Emerald Triangle, the Northern California region encompassing Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties, to be the best weed in the world. And the region’s history of cannabis cultivation spans decades, a heritage attested to by the hundreds of famed Humboldt farms perfecting the art of growing cannabis. 

Before concepts like sustainability and clean energy were commonplace, Humboldt growers were devoting themselves to natural growing principles on their quest to produce the highest-quality flower. And it’s exactly that heritage and quality that California cannabis consumers are eager to tap into as they explore what the market has to offer. 

Driven Deliveries’ acquisition of Humboldt Heritage, Inc. and its subsidiaries Humboldt Sun Growers Guild LLC and Grateful Eight LLC, will put those products within a 90-minute reach of 92% percent of Californians. “Distribution was the only missing piece to our portfolio puzzle,” said Christian Schenk, CEO of Driven Deliveries. “There is no better cannabis on the market today that can match the quality and consistency produced by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild,” Schenk added. 

Driven Delivers Cannabis Direct to Over 30 Million Californians

The Growers Guild and Grateful 8 subsidiaries service dozens of top-shelf cannabis brands, including its in-house label True Humboldt, family-run Sunrise Mountain Farms and women-owned Juniper. Driven will also gain access to Humboldt Heritage’s 18 unique brands, including Cuba Libre, Rambling Rose, Lost Creek, and Humboldt Edge Farms. All the brands Driven will acquire through Humboldt Heritage will be included in the company’s Ganjarunner delivery service and online purchasing platforms. 

“We are excited for the ability to bring the Emerald Triangle’s legendary ‘craft cannabis’ to the entirety of California’s population,” said Brian Hayek, President of Driven. “The rich history of Humboldt and its legacy farmers coincides with the best growing conditions to produce cannabis that is world-renowned.”

By combining Humboldt Heritage’s well-established distribution network with Driven’s delivery network, Driven says it will be able to streamline operations for optimal efficiency. The company says it will be able to improve gross margin over 13 percent for vertically-integrated products and over 6 percent from materials and products purchased in bulk.

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