Former News Anchor Charlo Greene Aims to Be the ‘Oprah of Pot’ with New Show

Former TV news anchor turned marijuana activist, Charlo Greene—who famously quipped "fuck it, I quit" before marching off the set of Anchorage's KTVA back in 2014—has plans to return to the airwaves. 

Over a year after her abrupt on-air resignation to become an advocate and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, Greene has combined her passions to create The Charlo Greene Show, which she describes as "the Oprah Winfrey Show for WEED" on the project's Kickstarter page

“It’s been a year and a half in the making…we’re literally going to take you on the revolutionary road with us,” Greene told “It’s the marijuana revolution and it’s about so much more than smoking weed.”

According to EBONY, Greene's new show is set to debut this fall and will work to destigmatize cannabis and educate viewers on the industry, as well as the plant. 

“We’re covering a wide range of topics and we know it’s important to show how connected the movement is in different places,” she said. “The show is going to be a bit of everywhere.”

Greene, who launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign last week, originally intended the show to be a weekly online program, but says she's been approached by several companies about bringing her show to television, five days a week. 

"I am a legacy of Oprah. The Charlo Greene Show is the Oprah Winfrey Show for weed, hence the hashtag #charloprah," Greene wrote on her Kickstarter page. "That's the aspiration, showing the world what the cannabis community, the cannabis industry and cannabis plant itself are really about with grace, depth and heart. Through stories from your family, neighbors and coworkers, gathered from around the globe, that are living examples of the good that can happen, be it physically, financially, mentally, socially, when you've been touched by cannabis."

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