Former Trump Aide Announces Involvement in Medical Marijuana Startup

In a Tweet, George Papadopoulos said C3’s medical cannabis pill Idrasil will help wean Americans off opioids.
Former Trump Aide Announces Involvement in Medical Marijuana Startup
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Last September, biopharmaceutical company C3 International quietly announced the launch of the company’s flagship pain management pill, Idrasil. Idrasil is a medical cannabis pill and C3 claims it’s the first standardized form of the drug. And to help develop policy and a marketing strategy for the pill, C3 International has enlisted the counsel of George Papadopoulos, fresh off his 14-day stint in the clink for lying to the FBI during their investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia. On Tuesday, Papadopoulos announced he had joined the Board of Advisors of C3 International, Inc. on Twitter.

Disgraced Trump Campaign Aide Will Advise Medical Cannabis Startup on Product Marketing

It would take a long memory (by today’s standards) to remember that George Papadopoulos was one of the first of President Trump’s campaign advisors to go down as a result of the Mueller investigation. In fact, the same month C3 International announced the launch of Idrasil, September 2018, Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in federal prison for lying to investigators in January 2017.

Papadopoulos served his time in December. Currently, he is on a 12-month supervised release, aka parole. But parole doesn’t prevent Papadopoulos from starring in a docuseries about his and his wife’s involvement in the Trump campaign. Nor does it prevent him from touring to promote his new book, Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump. And it doesn’t prevent Papadopoulos from serving on the advisory board of a medical cannabis startup.

George Papadopoulos Joins C3 International Board of Advisors to Market Medical Cannabis Pill

Despite a return to public life determined to capitalize on his exile from political life, Papadopoulos kept his announcement about C3 International and Idrasil focused on the medicine. Idrasil “is a revolutionary product that will assist in weaning Americans off the deleterious opioid epidemic that is affecting thousands, and killing hundreds, of Americans every single day,” Papadopoulos wrote in a tweet published Tuesday. He also described C3’s approach to pain medication as “new thinking.”

C3 International says Idrasil consists of a proprietary blend of concentrated cannabis extract. The company says its approach is all about exact, consistent dosing. Idrasil comes in three doses, 12.5 mg, 25 mg and 100 mg. But press releases don’t specify the specific cannabinoids in the concentration, or the ratio of THC to CBD. It’s likely, however, that Idrasil contains low amounts of THC, a principle cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive effects. The pill form, C3 says, “eliminates the unwanted euphoria and social risks associated with smoking cannabis products.”

While some medical cannabis patients may wish to avoid stigma and the psychoactive effects of cannabis, a more common concern is proper dosing. Even with lab-tested edible products, the concentration of cannabis in a particular “serving” can vary throughout the product. Cannabis extract pills help ensure accurate, consistent dosing.

C3 International hasn’t been reached for comment about Papadopoulos joining the company’s advisory board. It’s unclear why Papadopoulos is particularly qualified for the role. As part of Trump’s campaign he made no statements about cannabis legalization. But following Papadopoulos’ indictment, HuffPost did describe him as “a little known, little-qualified 30-year-old.”

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