Get Ready For An All-Day Virtual Charity Music Festival To Support COVID-19 Relief

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Get Ready For An All-Day Virtual Charity Music Festival To Support COVID-19 Relief

The era of the virtual concert will hum right along later this month, when Live For Live Music presents: Quarantine Comes Alive.

Beginning at 1:00 pm ET on May 30, the day-long event will feature 60 artists, along with what Live for Live says will “be new sets captured in quarantine, with a few archival gems sprinkled in.”

“Dedicated to an even split of donation proceeds between the participating artists and PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, the event—modeled after the famed one-day music marathons Brooklyn Comes Alive and Denver Comes Alive—was founded to celebrate and support musicians, provide fans with unique musical experiences from the comfort of their couch, and raise money for comprehensive COVID-19 relief during this unprecedented time,” a press release announcing the virtual festival said. 

Ari Fink of SiriusXM JamOn, Phish Radio & Dave Matthews Band Radio will serve as host of the festivities, conducting interviews with artists and organizers behind the event throughout the day. 

Those interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP at A donation of any size submitted before the concert will get you a link to a live stream of the festival on May 30.

Socially Distant Partying

Virtual events like this have become commonplace over the last two months, with much of the world isolated at home and large-scale in-person events banned in many places to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Some musicians and entertainers have even provided fans with a more intimate experience by performing on social media platforms like Instagram Live. 

It is unclear when big music festivals and other large gatherings will return to our way of life, and there have been suggestions that the pandemic could upend the future of those enterprises altogether. 

Dave Brooks, Billboard’s senior director of touring and live, doesn’t buy that.

“I don’t think streaming will replace concerts,” Brooks told USA Today. “I think streaming performances will become their own category of what artists offer their fans.”

  1. I produce live music events. I wonder if people are really aware of the devastation to our industry caused by COVID-19. People only think about the stars and assume they can afford to not perform live for a while. What they don’t think about are the hundreds of support people involved behind the scenes who have no income when live events get cancelled. It’s the stage managers, sound engineers, lighting technicians, grips, etc. who are starving now. I’m happy to support this virtual concert and will spread the word. Support live music!

  2. Don’t further support the “Social Distancing” charade. You need support funds? Back bill China for creating this mayhem, along with the worlds leadership and the Cleveland Clinic spokesperson lady who has been making up and creating the majority of this panic situation; and then your federal, state and local government, for catering to it.

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