Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon Supports Cannabis Legalization

Cynthia Nixon: actress, activist, politician…and proud proponent of cannabis legalization.
Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon Supports Cannabis Legalization

This week, actress and gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon announced that she supports cannabis legalization. Nixon, best recognized for her role as Miranda on Sex and the City, is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 2018 New York gubernatorial election.

Cynthia Nixon’s Plan for Cannabis

According to the New York Times, Cynthia Nixon came out in support of recreational marijuana legalization at a private fundraiser at the Upper West Side home of writer and actress Isabel Gillies. Approximately 70 people were in attendance.

Nixon hopes to use legal marijuana to fund state programs.

Author Julie Klam, who was present at the fundraiser told the New York Times, “She said that if marijuana is legal, we can tax it and make a lot of money from that.” Hostess Isabel Gillies confirms that Cynthia Nixon plans to “legalize marijuana and put a tax on it.”

Another writer in attendance, Dan Davenport, described how Ms. Nixon “pumped her fist and said yes” when someone asked her about legalizing recreational marijuana.

He explained, “She was very exuberant about that point.”

Nixon’s Gubernatorial Candidacy

Though most Americans support legalizing marijuana, Cynthia Nixon hasn’t shared much else about her political platform. Aside from her work as an actress, Nixon has focused on activism, rather than on politics or business. As governor, Nixon plans to raise taxes on people earning over $5 million, and increase spending on education. Improving the MTA is also one of Nixon’s focuses.

As with marijuana legalization, Cynthia Nixon has yet to present plans for the subway or schools.

Furthermore, Nixon’s campaign platform relies heavily on critiquing current Governor Andrew Cuomo. Reporters asked Cynthia Nixon about her qualifications for political office.

She answered, “My chief of staff has not been convicted on three counts of bribery—that’s a start.”

Though this is true–the government convicted an aide to Governor Cuomo of corruption–Nixon’s answer doesn’t elaborate on her own eligibility.

Governor Cuomo Has Opposed Recreational Marijuana

And he barely supports medical marijuana. Cuomo has advocated for strict regulations on medical marijuana in New York. To make matters worse, Cuomo called cannabis a “gateway drug” just last year. While democratic states like Massachusetts, California and Maine have moved towards legalization, Gov. Cuomo is holding New York behind.

Now that neighboring state New Jersey is working on legalizing recreational weed, Cuomo is backing off. The governor wants to study the effects of recreational marijuana as of January of this year.

“This is an important topic,” Cuomo explains, “it’s a hotly debated topic, pardon the pun, and it’d be nice to have some facts in the middle of the debate once in a while.”

As Cuomo runs for gubernatorial reelection in 2018, perhaps competing democratic candidate Cynthia Nixon will push him to support legalization.

Final Hit: Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon Supports Cannabis Legalization

New York has long been lagging behind in terms of marijuana policy. Not only is the state’s medical marijuana program facing problems, but the NYPD arrest statistics show racial disparities in those arrested for marijuana. New York’s campaign to legalize marijuana has been, at best, haphazard, and at worst, undemocratic.

It’s time that the gubernatorial race considers legalizing recreational marijuana. Thanks, Cynthia Nixon!

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