High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition 2022 Takes Shape

We’re excited to announce the High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition is returning in 2022. You don’t want to miss this.
High Times hemp cup

Presented by Hemp Hop, The High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition unites competitors and judges from all areas of the hemp space. The festivities begin this January as High Times begins accepting entries, and the event wraps up April 3, 2022, with the official Digital Awards Show.

The High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition aims to identify and award the best hemp-derived CBD products across the nation. That’s why we provide a wide range of different categories, covering everything from topicals to pet products.

The 2018 Farm Bill pretty much changed everything, for better or for worse. It reshaped the landscape for hemp farmers, processors and extractors, paving the way for hemp competitions that are open to the public. 

This event will be the only the second time this competition is open to the nationwide public, and we will see the largest pool of judges in the cup’s history. This is a sampling dream to get your products into the hands of hundreds of new customers—complete with feedback on your entries and thousands of impressions. May the best products win!

Competitor product submissions can be sent to Long Beach, California during the time period spanning January 17-21, 2022. And guess what? Judge Kits will be on-sale for online ordering across the nation on January 29, 2022. The judging timeframe runs from January 29, 2022 through March 20, 2022. 

To compete in the High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition, contact a High Times Sales Rep or visit CannabisCup.com/Contact for more info. To judge, register to receive an official Judges Kit.

The Digital Awards Show will take place on Sunday, April 3, 2022, where we will present the more luxurious hemp offerings around. With this in mind, stay hydrated, stash some munchies, find a designated driver or do whatever other steps you need to ensure it’s a safe competition.

Keep in mind—this is strictly a hemp-derived CBD competition only. All products must be registered by the State of origin and must have proof of lab results confirming the product is hemp-derived and under 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Also keep in mind, Delta-8 THC products will be judged separately from the other categories.

We also want to give a shoutout to our Silver Sponsor, Orange County CBD, as well as our Bronze Sponsor, Sweet Sensi. We couldn’t bring these amazing events to the public without their support.

Hemp Cup: What You Need to Know

There will be plenty of categories to choose from covering all of the facets of the hemp industry. Entry categories include Hemp-Derived CBD Edibles: Gummies (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Edibles: Non-Gummies (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures + Capsules (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Flower (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Pre-Rolls (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Concentrates (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Vape Pens (NO Delta-8 allowed); Hemp-Derived CBD Pet Products (NO Delta-8 allowed) and Delta-8 Products – Mixed Products.

Each category has different benefits and perks for being crowned with a High Times Hemp Cup Award, depending on the award.

Please keep in mind the entry requirements, which are different for each category, and they are listed below:

  • Flower: (200) 1-2g samples
  • Pre-Rolls: (200) samples around 1-2g
  • Concentrates and Vapes: (200) .5-1g samples
  • Edibles: (200) Samples 
  • Topicals, Tinctures and Capsules: (200) samples
  • Delta-8 Products: (200) samples
  • Pet Products: (100) samples

Entry pricing is $500 per entry that is submitted. Enter 3-4, and get one more—free. Enter 5-7 and get two more free entries. Enter 8-11 and get three more free entries. Enter over a dozen and get five more free.

Since 1988, High Times Cannabis Cup events have taken shape all over the world. Now’s your chance to be part of the action.

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  1. Why is Delta 8 not allowed in any of the categories for hemp-derived? Just like CBD there’s different forms of Delta 8 that can be consumed. You should add more categories to the Delta 8 products. Plus, you only say Delta-8 isn’t allowed, what about THCO, Delta-10, HHC, CBN? All those are hemp-derived too. I be a lot more people would send in products if the categories weren’t so restrictive.

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