Honduras: Security Forces Carry Out Militarized Anti-Narco Raids

On Wednesday, security forces in Honduras carried out raids on suspected narco-gang safe houses at various locations, bringing out helicopters and heavy weapons, and placing residential neighborhoods under siege.

Code-named "Tornado," the operation coordinated troops from the National Police, Military Police, the elite inter-institutional National Security Force (FUSINA) and the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (ATIC). Locations were raided in the capital,Tegucigalpa, as well as the crime-stricken city of San Pedro Sula, the Caribbean port of La Ceiba and elsewhere.

In Valle de Amarateca, in the central department of Francisco Morazán, security forces seized at least two assault rifles, fragmentation grenades, police uniforms and unspecified quantities of cocaine, cannabis and cash. At least 12 people were arrested in the raids, including minors.

The raids were officially called to apprehend gang members wanted for assassination and extortion, according to Honduran daily La Prensa.

(Image Courtesy of wallippo.com)

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