Humboldt Farms Handing Out Bouquets To Celebrate Los Angeles Debut

Celebrate the super bloom by picking yourself up some free flowers.
Humboldt Farms Handing Out Bouquets To Celebrate Los Angeles Debut

California is in super bloom, a dramatic ramp-up of its wildflower population caused by the state’s recent heavy rain and ideal warmth conditions. Perhaps touring the poppy fields in Antelope Valley or Anza-Borrego Desert State Park’s lilies and primroses is the perfect stoned activity. At any rate, the super bloom has one California cannabis company thinking floral. Throughout the weekend of March 30th, Humboldt Farms is celebrating its products’ arrival to Los Angeles by passing out flower bouquets to dispensary customers.

The company is aiming for nature vibes with its product line, which includes flower, resin, and vape cartridges. Lisa Curiel Parker, Humboldt Farms communication and marketing manager, hyped that earthy link when she told High Times about this weekend’s flower giveaway with LA’s The Unlikely Florist, calling the company “completely in tune to the beautiful nature in the state.”

Humboldt Farms was founded in 2016, and puts a focus on sourcing sun-grown cannabis from farmers who have been in the Northern California cannabis industry for upwards of a decade.

“Humboldt Farms is a family business and knows the county’s rich history,” says Curiel Parker. The company likes to hype the fact that indoor cannabis grow ops constitute 3 percent of California’s energy usage — a rather staggering figure in a state with a population of over 39 million.

Fans of sun-grown buds will be pleased to know that Humboldt only recently started selling its products in Los Angeles. Those looking to snag one of its free bouquets in celebration of the SoCal arrival should keep their eyes peeled for The Unlikely Florist’s VW van outside one of the company’s distributing dispensaries (list below).

The marketing ploy is actually a very feasible way for Californian cannabis users to commemorate the super bloom — one that’s possibly even better than going out to see the flowers themselves, speaking in terms of conservation. Some nature reserves have overwhelmed by the record-breaking numbers of park visitors since the phenomenon began. One group even flew a helicopter into the middle of the delicate plants, and were stomping around in the poppies when authorities chased them back into their plane. Better to enjoy a bouquet at home with a joint in hand, if we’re not very much mistaken.

Here’s the Bloom Truck’s tentative schedule — more stops will be added throughout the weekend:

  • 3/30 at 10 AM Sunset Herbal Corner
  • 3/30 at 2 PM Exhale WeHo
  • 3/31 at 10 AM Green City Collective
  • 3/31 at 2 PM LAPCG
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