Immersive Cannabis Experience Coming to NYC

Immersive entertainment is coming to New York City in the form of a new cannabis pop-up.

Immersive entertainment is the new thing in New York, and now it is coming to the city in the form of a cannabis pop-up. 

This pop-up, known as The Stone Age, is the first-ever immersive cannabis pop-up in NYC, and it is a “multi-sensory cannabis experience.” The space will take up 9,000 sqaure feet in a building in Chelsea, and it will open September 15. Visitors can expect 

This new event is bound to bring fun and excitement to NYC, as visitors to the state get stoked for the fun and fantastic new event. However, it won’t be strictly a cannabis recreational party, as there will also be serious themes to consider throughout the installation.

What exactly those eight installations will be is yet to be revealed, but will be told to visitors closer to opening. According to The Stone Age Instagram, it will be “a one-stop shop for all things hot in the green industry—from demos of innovative products to destigmatization, advocacy and more.” It will be exciting to see exactly what this means and what will be rolled out.

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Immersive and Inclusive

The business is also woman- and minority-owned. Sasha Perelman and Elizabeth Santana are working with local and national cannabis partners for the pop-up, and in addition to providing a space for fun, the goal is to educate the public about the newly legal—or soon to be legal—substance. Education, and not just entertainment and fun, is key for the team.

“There’s a beautiful cultural shift happening surrounding cannabis wellness, and the need to empower and educate consumers is more important than ever. Bringing this truly unprecedented experience to New York City is not only a dream, it’s an honor,” Perelman saids. “To build on the momentum happening we are creating inspiring designs for visitors to physically walk through and learn about the wellness benefits and connections to the cannabis plant, to better understand its healing powers.”

Additionally, the group is working with  The Last Prisoner Project, to try and highlight the importance of social and criminal justice reform in the cannabis industry and how cannabis prisoners, people of color specifically, are facing unfair repercussions from the war on drugs while others prosper. This is an important issue the founders of the event did not want to overlook while focusing on curating the fun.

“This year, New York legalized adult-use cannabis and we couldn’t think of a market that is more eager for cannabis-inspired happenings than New York City,” Santana added. “Introducing a captivating and one-of-a-kind event like The Stone Age to the city this fall feels like the perfect moment to make a strong and lasting impact.”

Immersive and Memorable

Perelman has already premiered her first immersive cannabis event, just called “Immersion,” in 2017. It got high praise from Rolling Stone when it popped up in California, and now fans are excited to see what happens next. 

The Stone Age will officially open their doors open on September 15 at 607 Avenue of the Americas Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. Tickets cost $45 for those 18 and older and include a gift bag featuring CBD as well as other cannabis-inspired samples—just nothing that contains THC. Tickets are also 10 percent off if you get them with code STONEAGE10. 

New York and the rest of the country are excitedly awaiting this new cannabis, immersive pop-up , and we can’t wait to see what it brings to the area and how it pans out for local cannabis enthusiasts. More information will be available in September, and we are looking forward to seeing pictures and living vicariously through those who get to enjoy the immersive experience. 

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