Jeff Sessions on the Hot Seat: What Does This Mean for Weed?

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Well, well, well… our tough-talking, anti-pot zealot Attorney General Jeff Sessions might be needing a bit of medical weed himself when he is questioned on Tuesday by a committee of U.S. senators.

Yes, friends, the man who laughed at medical marijuana and gave us such quotable comments as “good people don’t smoke marijuana” is officially on the hot seat alongside the corrupt, traitorous people who are propping up the orange man in the Oval Office.

Sessions will face a barrage of questions over his role in Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections and will have to answer questions about his own illegal contacts with Russian officials before Trump took office.

Reminder: Trump and his buddies, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, met with the Russians last year, allegedly to ensure them that when they are in office, they will lift financial sanctions against Putin’s government.

After all, the Trumps and his corporate friends have many juicy financial ties in Russia.

A president-elect does not normally undertake diplomatic meetings before taking office, certainly not in secret and not with Russian officials.

Once Sessions recused himself from the FBI’s investigation, Trump got nasty and their bromance suffered. Trump believed his critics would see Sessions’ recusal as an admission of guilt.

So, how will all of this affect cannabis?

Without Sessions in office, the situation for weed could improve greatly.

While tension between Trump and Sessions and the insane chaos in the White House may not directly have to do with marijuana, it certainly can’t hurt—at least for the time being.

Whether Jeff Sessions resigns or is fired—both strong possibilities—another attorney general will be nominated.

Could the next one be worse than Sessions?

In a word: No.

If, for some odd reason, Jeff Sessions stays in his job, he will be ineffectual and officially be Trump’s pathetic whipping boy. He will have lost the respect of the department he is meant to lead.

Any major policies he tries to enact will be profoundly scrutinized. And let’s face it, the vast majority of the country does not want a crackdown on weed.

Trump’s attitude toward legalized weed was never a top priority. In fact, during his campaign we thought he’d leave it alone.

That all changed when Session came on the scene.

It is Sessions who has been chomping at the bit to re-ignite the War on Drugs.

For Trump, staying in the White House himself is becoming a major challenge, as growing numbers of U.S. citizens, and now the world, seem to agree that Trump is unstable, incompetent and not fit for the job.

Unpopular fanatics like Sessions and unpopular stances on marijuana are not something Trump can afford right now.

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