Kenyon Martin Claims That 85 Percent of NBA Players Smoke Weed

Kenyon Martin suggests almost everyone in the NBA smokes a little reefer.
Kenyon Martin Claims That 85 Percent of NBA Players Smoke Weed

Despite its proven track record in pain management, healing, and concussion treatment, marijuana remains on the banned substance list in most major sports. While leagues like the UFC have been progressive about their views on cannabis, most leagues are simply behind the eight-ball. The NBA remains one of those leagues, although there has been plenty of evidence to suggest they are willing to get with the times.

It’s been far from a secret that the NBA has been getting laxer about its weed policies over the years. Former commissioner, David Stern, talked at length with former NBA Al Harington about removing weed from the banned substance list, and the known-stickler appeared genuine about adapting to the times.

The current commissioner, Adam Silver, has openly said he will revisit the NBA’s policy for medicinal marijuana. And today, on a 4/20 roundtable discussion with B/R Mag’s Master Tesfatsiont, a bunch of former NBAers reveals how much weed was actually smoked in their playing days.

Kenyon Martin Claims That 85 Percent of NBA Players Smoke Weed

In the interview, former NBA  power forward Kenyon Martin, alongside fellow ex-players, Matt Barnes, Cuttino Mobley and the aforementioned Harrington, reveals that most of the league’s players toke up on a regular basis. In fact, Kenyon Martin claims that 85 percent of NBA players smoke weed.

“How many closet smokers do you think there are?,” asks Tesfatsiont.

“I think 85 percent of the League,” Martin estimated. It was a lot of people who you wouldn’t think [smoked].”

Matt Barnes, who retired just last season after 15 years in the NBA, went into specifics.

“GMs, coaches, presidents,” Barnes said. “It goes deeper than you would think. Some of the people who are cranking whips and suspending us are smoking weed.”

“Mostly everybody is a closet smoker,” said Harrington, who has transitioned into a second career in the cannabis industry.” “All my billionaire mentors. They all consume [cannabis].”

“They smoke like crazy.”

Final Hit: Kenyon Martin’s Estimation

While Kenyon Martin did say that those estimations come from his time, it’s more likely than not the tradition has stayed strong. If anything, with cannabis’ rising legality, it has opened the doors for increased usage throughout the league.

And Martin’s words pretty much align with what former NBA point guard Jay Williams had to say about cannabis consumption in the NBA. The ex-point guard estimated that around 80% of the league smokes weed.

“You see pictures of guys in California going in and getting their medical marijuana cards. And I’m not just saying athletes, let’s talk about society. I know a lot of people that use it. It’s something that the whole world is becoming more progressive with. So it’s about time some of these entities do as well,” Williams said in an interview with

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