Beware: Feds Pretending to Be Techs to Conduct Searches

Federal law enforcement is no stranger to employing the use of underhanded entrapment tactics to tighten the noose around the necks of suspected villains, but while these two-faced soldiers fight dirty to uphold some illusion of American justice, they are not only violating the privacy rights of citizens but they are blatantly breaking the law.

The most recent episode of the raping and pillaging of the US Constitution finds that federal agents have been cutting off the utilities to homes, and then posing as technicians to gain access inside where they can then scour the premises for probable cause to later obtain a search warrant, according to a report from NPR.

Earlier this year, federal agents were in Las Vegas on a savage mission to take down a group of Chinese gamblers staying at Caesar’s Palace. They had suspicions that the men were part of an illegal gambling operation, which raised concerns with both the Nevada Gaming Commission and the FBI, but there was no concrete evidence to prove that any laws had actually been broken. Yet, agents believed that if they could gain access to the gambler’s villa, they could establish enough probable cause to get a search warrant.

Court documents indicate this is where the FBI decided to toss the procedural handbook into the trash, and then proceeded to plot out an unusual scheme to sucker punch their way into making an arrest. Defense attorney Tom Goldstein explained to NPR’s Nina Totenberg that, at first, federal agents disguised themselves as Internet technicians in an attempt to gain access to the room. However, when the FBI’s bright idea failed, they took a more desperate approach.

This is when agents simply sabotaged the Internet connection to fail and then waited for a service call to gain access to the room. “We’ll dress up as technicians, we’ll come inside, we’ll claim to be fixing the Internet connection — even though we can’t, ’cause we broke it from outside — and then we’ll just look around and see what we see,” said Goldstein, explain the FBI’s master plan.

Once agents were inside the room, they witnessed the men engaging in gambling activities that are legal in Las Vegas. However, recordings indicate that agents left feeling as though they had collected enough probable cause to justify a warrant. “Yeah, we saw what we needed to see,” says one agent on the tape.

Interestingly, the defense in this case discovered that when the FBI submitted a request to a federal judge to obtain a search warrant, they omitted every despicable method they employed to gain access to the room. There was no mention in the report of them shutting down the utilities or masquerading as technicians, but the recordings captured during the mission reveal that is exactly what happened.

“They just managed not to tell the magistrate what it is they had actually done,” said Goldstein, adding that the FBI has since covered up any semblance of additional proof that could incriminate them.

Although this particular case does not involve illegal drugs, it serves as a measure to the rotten lengths the Justice Department and the FBI are willing to implement to secretly collect incriminating evidence against the American citizen. The fact that the federal government can weasel its way into a residence by simply shutting down its electricity, cable TV or Internet and then build a case against the occupant by pretending to be a helpful technician is one not too far behind mandatory microchipping and shock collars for the mentally ill.

Dark days are upon us, kids…dark days indeed.

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