Legal Cannabis for the Keystone State?

Among the cities around the world that held events for the Global Marijuana March on Sunday was Philadelphia, where hundreds filled the streets, culminating in a rally at City Hall. The march was organized by PhillyNORML, whose communications director, Chris Goldstein, struck a very optimistic tone. 

"The last two years have seen local politics evolve by leaps and bounds when it comes to marijuana," he told the Philly Voice. "Politicians see the public rallying to support cannabis reform and that is an important part of how this issue is winning."

He even claimed that State Rep. Jordan Harris, who represents the 186th legislative district in Philadelphia, will soon introduce a bill that would legalize cannabis for all adults.

With a legalization measure just defeated in Vermont, could the first eastern state to legalize be the traditionally staid Keystone State?

Pennsylvania did become the 24th medical marijuana state last month, with the April 17 signature of Gov. Tom Wolf.

The York Daily Record now reports that the state health department is seeking a director for its medical marijuana program, although the program is expected to take 18 to 24 months to develop. This begs the question: Will the program be superseded by a general legalization before it gets off the ground? 

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