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I Bought Weed in Washington on Sept 5, 2014

I visited a cannabis store outside of Seattle, Washington and I bought weed legally. Like, we made jokes as we drove away about “Oh! Everybody! HIDE YOUR…oh, whoops! Never mind! That shit’s legal!!!” THAT kind of legally.

Herbal Nation, a Bothell, Washington Cannabis Store

Herbal Nation sits on a nondescript street-slash-highway in the town of Bothell, WA. It’s just a hair over 20 miles north of Seattle. Of course, they’re not the first store to open in the Seattle area, but they are the second, and they’ve been thrown into the supply and demand issues along with the rest of the state. Not to worry…weed grows fast, and supply will catch up with demand.

We’ve come from across the nation

The first thing you see in the door is a huge map. Grab a pen and tell’em where you’re from…East Coast is clearly represented. What’s up Iowa? Take a road trip already!

OK, this headshop is familiar

Remember college? Oh. Sorry. Ok, you remember some of college, right? Right! Yes (it was in there somewhere)! Fun! Remember? There was a 2-liter or something!? and a…milk jug? Yeah? Well, welcome to adulthood!

I would like to purchase marijuana legally, please!

It’s a counter in a store. You ask ’em what they’ve got for sale. They pull it out of the cabinet and put it on top for you to look at. On September 4, 2014, they had a couple of sativas and a couple of indicas. And that was it! Supplies were low due to the aforementioned bureaucratic dispute. What? Your dealer’s never been out due to some bullshit??

I paid about $28 US for one gram. Ouch. Quizzed about the rumors that growers were jacking prices, my legal cannabis purveyor pronounced: “Oh, I have a blacklist going.”

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