Psychiatrist Says Cannabis Should Be Banished From The Planet

A deeply disgruntled psychiatrist says cannabis should be banished from the planet. Here’s why he’s wrong.
Psychiatrist Says Cannabis Should Be Banished From The Planet

These days, Jeff Sessions isn’t the only one against the herb. At an Irish Medical Organization conference, a psychiatrist says cannabis should be banished from the planet. Here’s why this psychiatrist says you should be wary of medical marijuana, never mind getting high.

What The Psychiatrist Said

At the Irish Medical Organization conference in Killarney, Dr. Matthew Sadlier, a psychiatrist from north Dublin, gave a speech. One of the key components of his talk was his condemnation of marijuana, medical or otherwise.

According to the Irish Examiner, Dr. Sadlier told the audience, “It is a compound that I would love to be banished from the planet. It does more damage to humans than any drug that is out there.”

Sadlier elaborated that his negative opinion of cannabis comes from work with his psychiatry patients. The doctor estimated that a third of his patients wound up in his office due to marijuana use. He did not elaborate on what exactly marijuana did to his patients.

Dr. Sadlier continued his diatribe on the danger of marijuana. “It is a destructive, nasty, evil drug and a lot of people are trying to pretend that it does not have side-effects and that it does not have negative consequences.” Sadlier insisted, “It tears apart families; it tears apart lives and it tears apart our country.”

What About Cannabis’ Medical Benefits?

Though cannabis research is in its infancy, so far it has yielded incredible results. Researchers are investigating whether cannabis can restrict the growth of cancer tumors. Additionally, scientists in Australia are researching whether cannabis can treat pancreatic cancer.

Furthermore, many people have come forward to share how medical marijuana, coupled with lifestyle changes, cured their cancer. The most famous case is Rick Simpson, who claims to have cured his cancer with cannabis oil. Today, there is even a cannabis extracting technique named for Rick Simpson: RSO.

Another promising area of cannabis research is medical marijuana’s ability to improve immune health and reduce drug side effects for people with HIV/AIDS. Though this science too, is in its earliest stages, studies show that THC can speed up the production of immune system cells and prevent the virus’ spread.

Dr. Sadlier’s Opinion On Cannabis Research

This psychiatrist says cannabis should be banished from the planet simply because he’s ignorant, willfully or otherwise, to the benefits of medical marijuana.

At the conference, Dr. Sadlier shared that he doesn’t think any research proves that cannabis can be medicine. He also added that authorities have never permitted its use.

Dr. Sadlier fails to understand that the government banning a treatment doesn’t prevent said treatment from being effective. In many cases, restrictions prevent doctors from learning about cannabis and limit research. Thus the cycle of ignorance continues, and politics deprive those in need of medical marijuana.

Dr. Sadlier Wants To Test Medical Marijuana Just Like Other Medical Treatments

According to Dr. Sadlier, the medical community has given cannabis some sort of a free pass. He told the Irish Medical Organization, “There should not be any short-cut legislation specifically on medical cannabis that is not evidence-based.”

Most proponents of medical marijuana would welcome more access to testing. More often than not, marijuana research yields impressive results, whether in pain management or disease prevention.

Final Hit: Psychiatrist Says Cannabis Should Be Banished From The Planet

The United States isn’t the only western nation with vocal anti-marijuana advocates. Many public figures, lawmakers and psychiatrists alike, don’t understand the latest cannabis research. As a result, we get ill-founded policy.

In any case, we can hope that other attendees of the Irish Medical Organization shared less hyperbolic remarks on marijuana.

As the court stalls medical marijuana legislation in Ireland, this is a crucial time for those seeking access to cannabis.

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