‘Rainbow Terror’ Group Wants to Use Drug Use as an Excuse to Ban Gay Marriage

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An organization based in Taiwan, whose politics closely resemble the backwoods mentality of the radical bible thumping imbeciles known as the Westboro Baptist Church, has shifted its voice from opposing same-sex marriage to standing up against the use of recreational drugs.

The group formerly known as Baby’s Breath Layman Alliance has reportedly changed its name to the Baby’s Breath Anti-Drug Front because its brainwashed following of troglodyte missionaries now believes that using drugs recreationally is the root of the problems associated with the homosexual community, especially when it comes to spreading disease.

“Right now there is no societal consensus on homosexuality or same-sex marriage, but there is a consensus on drugs, which are closely linked to homosexual groups,” chairman Tsou Ting-hung told the Taipei Times. “We have switched our focus to opposing drugs because problems associated with gay men stem from widespread recreational drug use, which in turn promotes the spread of AIDS. This is an issue we can build a better societal consensus around.”

Somewhere around 20 members of the organization gathered recently outside the Taipei District Prosecutor’s office to protest a couple of doctors that allegedly called for some level of drug reform as a measure to gain control of the AIDS problem. The group, which gained some notoriety last month for its attack on gay marriage and homosexual education, called for the two doctors to be prosecuted and never permitted to practice medicine again.

Despite Taiwan having some of the stiffest penalties in the world for those people who commit drug-related crimes, there has been no shortage of people willing to press the issue. Most marijuana-related offenses—even small time deals like public consumption—come with a prison term of up to seven years. However, anyone charged with drug trafficking can bypass the hefty prison stint and move right up to the death penalty.

Just last year the Judicial Yuan sentenced an American by the name of Tyrel Martin Marhanka to four years in prison for cultivating marijuana. Reports indicate that Marhanka was only given a four-year sentence because there was no evidence that he was engaged in sales.

But four years in a Chinese penitentiary was too much time for Marhanka. As soon as the judge handed down the verdict, he slit his own throat with a pair of scissors. Medics made every attempt to save him, but he ended up dying shortly after arriving at a nearby medical facility, reports the New York Times.

Although it sounds absolutely insane, some lawmakers are of the opinion that the penalties for drug offenses are not tough enough.

Last month, People First Party caucus whip Lee Hung-chun argued that people convicted of drug-related crimes were getting off easier than those caught driving under influence. The party has since introduced legislation aimed at creating tougher laws for repeat offenders.

However, the Minister of Justice is reportedly considering taking a somewhat different approach to dealing with drug crimes. There is now some debate over whether to simply slap first time drug offenders (simply possession) with a fine, and then move to impose harsher penalties for those who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

In 2016, nearly 60,000 people were arrested in Taiwan for drug-related offenses, a more than 10 percent increase from the previous year, according to data collected by Taiwan News.

Members of the Baby’s Breath Anti-Drug Front say that although they still hate gay people, they believe it is more important for them to gain control over the scourge of recreational drug use and then prove to the world that there is a definite connection to homosexuality.

From there, they plan to use that link to try and ban same sex marriage.

“Our first objective is to stem the flood of recreational drugs and then show their link to the homosexual movement,” Tsou said. “If that becomes a societal consensus, postponing the legalization of same-sex marriage indefinitely would be a natural next step.”

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