Truck Wreck in Texas Panhandle Leads to $2.2M in Marijuana

Photo by ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images

VEGA, Texas (AP) — Investigators say a pickup truck accident in the Texas Panhandle has led to the seizure of $2.2 million in packaged marijuana found in the bed of the vehicle.

The Texas Department of Public Safety on Wednesday announced the arrest of the driver on a felony charge of possession of marijuana. A Texas trooper seized the nearly 400 pounds of marijuana during the incident before dawn Tuesday on Interstate 40 near Vega.

A statement from DPS in Amarillo says the trooper responded to a report of a one-vehicle accident, then discovered more than a dozen wrapped packages of pot. Officials say the driver was not injured and was booked into the Oldham County jail.

Investigators believe the drugs were being hauled from Tucson, Arizona, to Atlanta.

    1. i wouldn’t pay more than 600 for a pound of that shwag dirt weed.. then id be lucky if i could sell it for like $3 a gram >.< that is what i use to use for table weed… just a bunch of shit weed in a bowl on the table for what ever purposes when i was quitting cigarettes =p Id smoke some kind or dro for gettin high but when i wanted a cancer stick id roll up a joint of that dirt instead =p

      1. That stuff maybe goes for $100 a pound wholesale I bet street value is not much higher. I have not even come across anything near that bad in years now.

  1. Untrimmed, poorly packaged, moldy weed stored in a hot warehouse for a year – that’s the only crime going on here. The only way to protect American citizens from felonious quality control of cannabis is to make it federally legal. Otherwise the DEA will continue to pathetically protect its jobs and salaries by claiming shitty brick weed is worth $343 per ounce. RETAIL prices of top shelf are somewhere between $200 and $300 in legal states.

    1. LOL Here in NY where its not legal. I seen it sell in the hood for like $125 ounce for shwag. But in ever seen anything this crappy. This look like all the stems someone was just gonna throw away. It may not even b mj at all.

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  2. Some real stoned beavers were like lm to high to finish that dam the old ladys bitchin about. Lets just order more of that mexican schwag to finish it up

  3. we used to buy that dirtweed for $60/pound and get 10 clean ounces. We then used our ISO2 isomerizer to make some great oil. It went for $15/gram back in 1977 and we got 30 grams per pound. $450 out of $60 aint bad margin for a high school student!

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