Want to Get Paid to Travel and Smoke Weed? Here’s Your Chance

Your dream job of smoking weed and traveling is now a very real possibility. Here’s how to get paid to get lit.
Want to Get Paid to Smoke Weed? Here’s Your Chance

California-based cannabis company Heavy Hitters recently announced what may be the most amazing job opportunity ever. Basically, the company is hiring people to travel around California, attend weed events, and smoketh le herb. And yes, you actually get paid to do it.

According to a recent announcement from the company, Heavy Hitters is rolling out a new campaign centered on finding a group of weed fans to become “Heavy Hitters Originals ambassadors.” Essentially, these ambassadors will represent the brand at cannabis events and on social media.

Heavy Hitters Original Ambassadors

Heavy Hitters plans to hire 20 ambassadors for this campaign. Each person hired for the job will be paid $1,200 a month. Additionally, they will get $500 in credit for Heavy Hitters products. In effect, that translates into free weed.

Heavy Hitters makes a line of THC cartridges. According to the company, their carts are made using a number of unique features. For starters, they use only ceramic cartridges instead of wicks. As a result, this produces a cleaner and smoother vapor.

Similarly, Heavy Hitters claims that it uses a highly effective technique for making their THC concentrates. They call the process cold filtering, and the company claims that this filtering process produces a high quality, super pure, high-THC concentrate.

Basically, ambassadors for the company will get access to these products every month. But the free weed and paycheck isn’t all they’ll receive. In addition, all Heavy Hitters Originals ambassadors will have full access to cannabis events throughout California. And for each event, the company will cover travel expenses.

Even more, Heavy Hitters is setting ambassadors up with access to branded clothing and first access to new strains and products. Finally, ambassadors will be given the chance to host cannabis events at dispensaries throughout California.

Obviously, the point of the whole thing is for ambassadors to represent the Heavy Hitters brand in the California cannabis market. As such, people hired will be doing a lot of social media work. That means posting stuff at events and using social media to promote what they’re up to and to talk about Heavy Hitters products.

So if you’re good at social media and you love traveling, going to events, and smoking weed, this could be a golden opportunity.

Becoming an Ambassador

The key to becoming an ambassador is showing your social media skills. In fact, the application process for the job is pretty much a social media audition.

For starters, the company said it is primarily looking for people with unique skills who are good at showcasing those skills on social media.

“We’re into people who have original skills—streetwear design, unicyclist, BMX, dance, tattoo artist or any other dope talents,” the company said in an announcement.

From there, they want to see how you represent yourself on social media. All applicants must post a one minute video to YouTube. In the video, you should talk about yourself and what makes you unique. In particular, highlight your love of weed. Basically, make the case for why you would be a good ambassador for a cannabis brand.

After posting the video to YouTube, you’ll need to fill out an online application at Heavy Hitters’ website and post your video to Instagram. While you’re there, be sure to check the full list of application requirements. According to the company’s website, you’ve got a little over 18 days to apply. Good luck!

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