Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week

High Times’ own Jon Cappetta is breaking up the Quarantine Blues with some dope product recs.
Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week

Anyone else going stir-crazy in quarantine? I know I sure am. How the heck are we supposed to pass all this time inside? Well my friends, I did the research for you. While there’s a ton of great stuff to watch (or play—anyone on Warzone?!) time seems to be ticking by slower than ever. This places the need for weed at an all time high, and finds me looking for new ways to break up the usual routine. I’m a joint smoker, but after what seems like a million in the past 3 weeks (20 days isolated deep, wattup!) I had to mix things up. I even almost found myself starting to cook—but then I ate an edible and forgot I left the stove on. 

What follows are the coolest products I’ve found in my isolation period thus far—excluding all the stupid toys, soda, and chocolate I bought to survive. This isn’t strictly weed or intoxicant related, but if it’s not directly connected, it’s adjacent. I’m hoping to drop one of these every few weeks until this is all over—if you have any ideas of things to include, hit my line:

Dope Shit I Found In Quarantine:

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week
Dip Devices

Dip Devices—Evri

This little guy is magic. I almost don’t want to say anything else about it and just make you trust me and try it, but I’m not that selfish. The Evri is basically a dab straw—the battery automagically heats up the nail at the end, and when you dip your device into a lil’ ball of concentrates it allows you to quickly and easily suck up that sweet, sweet nectar. Next to a vape pen this is the most convenient way I’ve seen to dab, and honestly with the easiest process. While I’m not going to knock a nice cold start, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. In fact, in the time it takes you to pack your banger you could have already gotten down a few hits—food for thought! It also comes with an extra attachment for 510 carts or pods so this is just about as versatile as concentrate devices can get at this point in history.

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week


I’ve used a lot of portable concentrate vaporizers in my day, but the Roam may take the cake for the most convenient and CLEANEST of them all. Complete with water filtration (which I did NOT know going in—you’re supposed to fill it before use FYI!) the ease of use of this device makes it optimal for concentrate newbies and elders alike. Even more important, this thing is powerful—unlike some devices which just soup up the concentrate instead of burning it off, the Roam does a great job of clearing the chamber. I’ve trusted G-Pen for years—they’re the product that introduced me to concentrate vaping, so to see them back on top—especially coming off the highly-successful release of the Connect earlier this year—is especially rewarding.

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week

Stona Grinder—Stona

Let me start off by saying this thing just exudes elegance. The utility of a grinder is a mainstay for regular smokers—especially those who like to roll up—but one that’s seen minimal innovation over the past few years. Enter Stona—the grinder for the upper class. Basically a well-designed mortar and pestle, this wood and glass finished device perfectly chops your herbs—and at adjustable gradients depending on what you’re crushing for. Rolling a blunt? Use the wider screen. Vaping? The smaller screen will grind finer, allowing for a more even distribution of heat across the surface area of your bud. There’s science here, and it’s magnificent. If you’re like me and trying to class up your existence while maintaining your outlaw roots, this is a statement piece. 

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week

HyperX—Cloud Mix Headphones

Between listening to music throughout the day, calls, and gaming, I basically haven’t taken these things off my head since I got them. There’s something very alluring to me about a good headset, and not only is this one sexy as hell, it’s COMFORTABLE. It’s big work switching between conference calls and Spotify, but thankfully this bluetooth godsend doesn’t need no stinkin’ lightning adapter.

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week


I consider myself somewhat handy—I like to draw, I like to build things, occasionally I have to measure shit. This little guy is a pretty great multi-tool for all that, including fun features like a closed wrench, a protractor, a file, a serrated edge, and even a bike spoke key. The best part, however, is that the Geekey is a freakin bowl! Totally discreet and easy to clean out, I don’t even keep this thing on my keys, because sometimes I don’t have my keys on me—this stays in my pocket. 

Jon's Stone-Cold Quarantine Cops of The Week
Pulp Culture

Pulp Culture

I’m not usually too into alcohol, but this COVID stress is doing some weird things to my system, so when the opportunity to try Pulp Culture came across my lap I figured, why not? I don’t typically care too much about getting things organic, or understanding what’s in what I’m drinking, but I do like juice, and this seemed to just be a fermented version of that. While I’m not usually one to vibe with zero sugars, it’s juice, and that’s delicious in its natural form, so what’s not to love? With bold branding displaying the main ingredients on every bottle, it was hard not to get turned on by ‘Relax’—a blueberry, lemon, lavender, valerian root, and reishi cocktail. The resulting beverage, reminiscent of wine, is actually delicious. Providing a nice clear buzz and (although I didn’t pound them so no promises) a hangover-free morning, it was a nice compliment to the purple buds I used to wind down that night. If you’re into drinking (I imagine you White Claw fanatics will love this) try some Pulp!

Nike 4/20 Drop—Strawberry Cough

I’ve been saying for years that sneaker culture and cannabis go hand in hand, but there’s probably no better argument for this case than Nike’s consistently dope 4/20 drops. I was first put on back when they dropped the Skunks for 4/20/10, and while I think they missed a year here and there, they haven’t slept on the past couple. In my head there’s no better weed-themed shoe than the Skunks, though the White Widow’s were classics too. I’ll admit, they’ve had some less-than-stellar showings (I’m looking at you Galaxy’s), but last year’s Dog Walker pair was tight, and this year’s Strawberry Cough pair holds tough—bringing back the creator of the classic Skunks and White Widows, Todd Bratrud. Like usual, these are likely to go quick, so keep an eye on StockX if you want to cop a pair. Further, if anyone’s got a Nike plug, holler at me!

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