Grape Stomper Strain Review (made by The Green Solution)

Grape Stomper:

LineageJojorizo’s Purple Elephant (Purple Urkle x Hashplant) x Elite Genetics “ChemDawg Sour Diesel” (Headband x Sour Diesel)

21.03 percent THCA
18.55 percent THC
Tested and grown by The Green Solution 

Visuals: 4.5/5

Very frosty, great density. Some fox tailing going on as well. Nice, big chunky buds that are dark green with purple hues and a white tint. Due to the non-conical or round shape of this bud, it must be hard to trim.

Aroma: 4.5/5

Grape candy, like grape PEZ with floral undertones. Walking out of the room and back into it, the room smells like burnt marijuana, but very sweet.

Flavor: 5/5

Taste exactly like it smells on both the dry toke and lit joint. No harsh, chemical taste at the back of your throat. Very smooth inhale and exhale. If you are used to harsh, dense smoke causing you to cough, this strain might cause you to feel as if you’re not getting enough smoke from the toke.

Effect: 4/5

Very nice high. Though this is a heavy indica, we did not have the couch lock feeling most indicas of this caliber would give. The body stayed fully functional, while very alert head high was experienced. Great social high, or just watching TV, playing video games, or keeping yourself entertained.

Ash/Burn/Flush: 2.5/5

Didn’t clump up and burn like charcoal, but it did have a dark ash. This wasn’t very appealing to look at while it was burning.

Caeczar’s thoughts:

This strain effected me in a way most strains don’t. Due to me being a frequent consumer of BHO, and Full Melt Hash, my tolerance is pretty high.  For weed to bite me as hard as this did, it’s definitely a powerful strain that packs a punch. It didn’t knock me out, but made me feel as if I was just recovering from a knock out. Smell, taste and appearance all were very appealing. This strain definitely is worth smoking if you get a chance.

High Times rating: 4.2

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