Strain Review: Sin Mint Cookies by The Health Center

High Times Magazine nominated for one of the Top 10 Strains of 2014
Genetic Lineage: (Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Blue Power)
***[Sour Double x Master Kush] x White Moonshine) = Blue Power
Tools: Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter

Visual/Bag Appeal: 3.75/5

Solid, dense chunky, large, round/spear bud structure, deep green/purple hues, and lots of trichomes under magnification. The trichome heads show that this plant was harvested right around the peak of maturity. This resembles more of the Blue Power-dominant phenotype of Sin Mint. Must have been very easy to trim by the looks of this structure. Decent trim job. As dense as this bud is, it could have trimmed better. little bits of untrimmed leaves, and “Crows Feet” where it could have easily been trimmed off.

Aroma: 4.5/5

Upon opening the smell-proof bag I receive this strain in, the entire room instantly fills up with a sweet, rich, acrid, floral, botanical, acidic, pungent scent. This phenotype of Sin Mint favors the Blue Power Phenotype much more than the Girl Scout Cookies. Giving this strain a good whiff, it slightly tingles the back of your nose. I believe that’s the Sour Double traits coming through so well. The White Moonshine/Sour Double aroma comes through very well together, giving it a slight hint of sour/sweet cream, with a hint of floral sweetness.

Taste: 4.75/5

On the dry pull, a slight hint of Girl Scout Cookies on the inhale, but is overpowered by the sweet, acidity, sourness of the Blue Power. Warming up the tip of the joint and toking on the warm vapors this emits, the sweet/sour/umami flavors all blend together to make one complex, tasty warm dry toke. Upon lighting, the flavors the joint gives off is this sweet/earth/fuel/floral tones which make my mouth water. The joint kept its flavor past the halfway point, and upon re-lighting a roach, it still kept that unique flavor on the dry toke, and upon relighting. Great tasting weed if you prefer complex flavors, over everything else. Never gave me cottonmouth once. I have tried this strain in BHO and Non-Solvent forms before, and they all have that similar sweet/acidic/floral aroma and taste that this strain presents.

Ash/Burn/Flush: 4.25/5

Superb. Clean, cool burn, no spark, burns smooth and even, light-bodied smoke, doesn’t expand and make you cough hard, and has a semi light grey fluffy ash. No harsh residual nutrient buildup taste, makes you salivate constantly. At no point during the smoke session this did I ever experience cotton mouth, even a half hour after smoking.

Effect: 4.25/5

Definitely has great sativa effects, but calming and relaxing as well.  Was smoking this with a few friends, outside of a concert, and they all definitely noticed the head change. We all experienced the same effects pretty much. Light and sound sensitivity, blabbermouth, munchies, and a slight bit of euphoria. Excellent strain to try at night when you want to hang out with a few people, eat, party, be active, and have a good time. Great sativa hybrid that isn’t too racy, and wont give paranoia, and at the same time it wont give you that tired, lazy, lethargic, couch-lock feeling that certain Sativa-hybrids might possess like Ghost Train Haze, or Blue Dream.

Overall: 4.3/5

Amazing visual appeal. Very dense and large buds, intoxicating aroma,  taste is very complex and unique, burns well, and the overall head change was superb. From what I have experienced reviewing this strain, I feel like this strain was given a lot of much deserved attention its whole life. The plant was loved and care for very much, and the growers passion shines through revealing the pride they had in growing this strain. Its almost hard to find anything wrong with this specific strain. Everything from the visual appeal, all the way to the effects, and everything in between. Definitely looking forward to smoking Sin Mint from The Health Center again in the future.

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