High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Hash Review: LeeRoy (River Rock/Trichome Heavy Extracts)

HIGH TIMES reviews LeeRoy (grown by River Rock, extracted by Trichome Heavy Extracts) hash and gives you the rundown.

Harry's World: Bubbleman's 5 Best Hash Making Tips

Bubble hash, or solvent-less extract (or Ice-o-later) are all different names for hash that is made using an ice water extraction system. The pioneer behind this technique was someone named Bubbleman. Here's our interview with him about his ice hash making&n...

Trimmigrants in Humboldt: Employable or Detrimental?

Harvest time in Humboldt County, CA, which some consider the mecca of marijuana production in the United States, is about finished for the year. During the fall season, enthusiastic individuals migrate to the area for the sole purpose of working the pot harv...

Want to See An Underground Marijuana Greenhouse?

At Dragonfly Earth Medicine farm in British Columbia, they started off with a few above-ground greenhouses but then discovered the walipini, a South American technique of taking advantage of an endless source of heat for grows in cold climates - the earth itself...

Cultivation Clinic: Pruning Tips and Tricks

One aspect of good cultivation that is often overlooked is the ability to prune cannabis plants effectively. Pruning not only helps to shape and train the plant’s development, which can be absolutely essential in small spaces or when growing  in a “se...



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