High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Analysis: Earth's Strongest Strains

We look back at our most recent round of Cannabis Cup competitions to determine who had the strongest cannabis on the planet in 2014—and, more importantly, exactly which strains they were!

Nico’s Nuggets: Notes on Drying & Curing

Drying and curing are a crucial part of the marijuana cultivation process. Get tips on how to do it best from our Cultivation Expert, Nico Escondido.

Grow Hack: 5 Facts About Dissolved Oxygen

Check out the basics about dissolved oxygen to keep your roots breathing healthy even if you're choking on a bong hit.

Strain Family Gallery: Jack Herer Hybrids

Take a glimpse into these buds and to see some of the defining factors that separate one strain from another. This Strain Family shows lab results of Jack Herer and a few Jack Herer crosses, allowing you to see where certain traits come from in hybrid strains. Check out t...

Grow Q&A: Bugs Inside Pot Leaves (Leaf Miners)

Have questions about growing cannabis? Our own cultivation expert, Danny Danko, is here to help with all of your marijuana grow concerns. Today's question is about bugs inside leaves (leaf miners).



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