OM Edibles Makes History Receiving First-Ever State Annual License in California

And, they’re an all-female-run business.
OM Edibles Makes History Receiving First-Ever State Annual License in California
Courtesy of Om Edibles

It’s been a tumultuous year for California cannabis businesses. Though the state legalized recreational cannabis, new laws requiring stringent testing standards and efforts like seed-to-sale tracking have slowed the progress of many businesses. Some dispensaries have even had to destroy products not-up-to-snuff with new regulations in an effort to comply. Facing a long transition period, cannabis businesses have looked into operating however they can to avoid going out of business. But one company, Om Edibles, has achieved what the rest are currently dreaming about: they have been granted an annual license.

Temporary Versus Annual Licenses

The goal for most canna-businesses in California is obtaining an annual license. It’s much easier said than done, though. Due to the slowness of the application process, many have settled for extending their temporary license. In order to get a state license, however, applicants must be in compliance with all local ordinances. In fact, in order to apply for a temporary state business license, the interested applicant must already possess a permit, or some form of authorization, from the city or county in which the company operates. So, in the counties and cities that ban the cultivation, manufacturing, or retail sale of cannabis, California’s three licensing authorities–CalCannabis, Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, and Bureau of Cannabis Control– will not issue state licenses. It also means that some businesses won’t receive permits if a local government caps the number of annual licenses permitted in a city.

Maya Elisabeth founder and owner of Om Edibles (Courtesy of Om Edibles)

One Small Step for Women, One Giant Leaf for Us All

But for Om Edibles operating out of cannabis-friendly Berkeley, CA, applying and getting an annual license came fairly easily. Om Edibles is an all-female-run collective specializing in the manufacturing of cannabis. Their mission statement commands attention on their launch-page of their website: “Om Edibles—Treating cannabis as superfood since 2008.”

To Maya Elisabeth, the owner and founder of Om Edibles, cannabis embodies what it is to be a superfood. To her, a superfood is something that’s extremely nutrient-dense and has medicinal value in all its parts. “In cannabis, there are the roots, the seeds, the buds, every cannabinoid… they all have a different value,” she tells High Times.

Elisabeth goes on to explain that, while these cannabinoids can sometimes supply a high that everyone may be familiar with, these compounds do so much more. THCA, for instance, is a cannabinoid that provides an anti-inflammatory effect, but won’t make you high. She further explains that even the roots of the plant have superfood properties.

“They’re anti-inflammatory, they don’t get you high, they’re really good for pain,” Elisabeth says. “You can use them topically, or you can eat them. And they have a lot of really cutty alkaloids and terpenes that are not found any other place in the plant. Plus, they’re very good for digestion and [conditions like] IBS because they’re bitters.”

And after talking to Maya Elisabeth and exploring the products and philosophies showcased on the site, it seems as though the mission’s been achieved in full glory. The products not only look sophisticated, but each has its own purpose for mind and body wellness. Many of the items for sale treat pain. For instance, their medicated balms have been known to help their customers with arthritis; while their Nighttime Multi-Herb Tincture helps relieve anxiety or sleeplessness.

Om has also earned a number of awards, including a whopping 11 Cannabis Cups since 2011. If that weren’t enough of an achievement, the women behind this company also deserve individual recognition. Elisabeth has won 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis and 100 Most Influential Women in Cannabis– two accolades that are a testament to her hustle. But Elisabeth is not the only impressive female in the company. Her partner, Emily Milo, has been with Elisabeth since the early days when they trimmed together. Now the head of production, Milo was critical in helping Om to achieve their annual license. For both Elisabeth and Milo, the awards earned by Om Edibles are achievements won thanks to their whole staff. According to Elisabeth, the recognition is a genuine result of true team effort.

Fully invested in the health benefits of cannabis, Om Edibles stand by their central philosophy that all parts of the cannabis plant can be used. Pair the plant with other superfoods and nutrient-dense ingredients, the final product is power-packed with mind and body health. In this way, Om Edibles serves as a superior medicine. Whether it’s tinctures for daily stress and anxiety or award-winning epsom salts for body aches and olive oil for healthy (infused) cooking– Om Edibles offers an impressive line of products to keep you well.

OM Edibles Makes History Receiving First-Ever State Annual License in California
Infused cacao (Courtesy of Om Edibles)

Compliant in Cannabis

In fact, Om Edibles were the first manufacturing permit for cannabis awarded in all of the state of California. In order to receive this monumental license, Om Edibles needed to pass a wide variety of compliance testing. Though an intimidating process, the female-run company gathered a knowledgeable crew and a helpful computer program to get the job done.

Though achieving compliance and earning a license was overwhelming, Om didn’t balk at the challenge. In fact, they were eager to ensure quality and excellence to their consumers. For them, that’s what’s most important: creating a product from cannabis that is both holistically healthy and desired by consumers.

First Things First, but Now What?

Having procured their annual license, Om practices gratitude. But they’re not only grateful for their state permit, they’re also grateful for the city of Berkeley being supportive of their business. Now, the women at Om Edibles finally feel they can breathe. The process to obtain their license was not easy, but Elisabeth’s approach made it possible.

“Because of my anxiety, I just went straight for it,” she says. “I’m just grateful to have it out of the way. I want to work with cannabis. And now I can.”

Their line of cannabis goods extends beyond the generic pot brownie. Rather, they boast creative items like cannabis-infused epsom salts, elixirs, tinctures, and vegan gummies. As always for Om Edibles, all their products are versatile, healthy, and delicious. And lucky for Golden State residents, their product line will only continue to expand. “I want to be in every storefront in California,” Elisabeth says. “We have waves of activism coming on, offering relief to people. I’m excited to offer that.”

Om Edibles made history as the first to receive their annual license– and being an all-female team at that. But after Marijuanapocalypse and the long wait for licensure, the approval of their permit promises brighter days and higher hopes for those California canna-businesses still awaiting approval.

“They told us it was going to be hard to get the annual license, but I didn’t know how hard,” says Elisabeth. “By the grace of God, we got so lucky!”

After testing a few Om products, we can attest: the state California is lucky, too.

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