Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Tracie Morrissey, Internet Sleuth and ‘Pot Psychology’ Host

The media legend, known for building (or honing) Bust, Jezebel, Broadly, and VICELAND, is a pothead with strong convictions and taste. Here, Tracie offers some solid recs, including her own podcast “Pot Psychology” and lifestyle shop, Pipe Dreams.

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I wait with bated breath for the day Tracie Morrissey announces she’s working on a memoir. A legend who helped build (or hone) Bust, Jezebel, Broadly, and VICELAND, Tracie is a seminal voice in media who’s undoubtedly shaped the online publishing zeitgeist throughout the past couple decades. 

Tracie is known for many things, but during the pandemic she started posting sleuth-like deep dives on her Instagram Stories about the bullshit spewed by various minor league celebrities, which led to many calling her an “Instagram Detective.” 

These informal but thorough investigations have included her flagging the time two cast members from Vanderpump Rules called the police on their POC colleagues, suggesting that actress Jameela Jamil has Munchausen Syndrome and that she lied about having an illness, or calling out Hilaria Baldwin for faking (or at least extremely exaggerating) her Spanish identity. 

Tracie’s celebrity scrutiny goes beyond viral every time, and though she’s got plenty of haters, they’re yet to prove her wrong. As a result, I kind of think of her as the Jane Meyer of D-List celebs, in the best way possible. 

On the danker side of her oeuvre, Tracie co-hosts the excellent podcast Pot Psychology with her best bud and former Gawker editor Rich Juzwiak. She also runs the cannabis ephemera and lifestyle shop Pipe Dreams (great name), which offers delightful pot products like this hamburger grinder and an acrylic stash box made in collaboration with Edie Parker.

Tracie is an OG head with strong convictions, and this goes for her succinct-but-sweet 420 Recs. Below, she discusses her favorite bong that is yet to be knocked over, listening to yacht rock, and her very on-brand dream blunt rotation featuring both Elizabeth Holmes and Harvey Fierstein. Enjoy, and thanks Tracie! 

What’s your current favorite strain? How do you like to consume it?

I don’t know if I have a favorite strain. I prefer indica dominant hybrids. I’m sort of the same way about weed as I am about wine. I’m not an expert, but I know that I like it. My favorite way to consume is via bong or bubbler — particularly this iridescent cobra bong that I sell. It’s little and perfectly-sized for my hand and I’ve never ever knocked it over, which is a big deal for me.

What’s your current favorite weed product?

I love flower! 

What activity do you like to do after you’ve consumed said weed product?

The most frequent activity I do while stoned is podcasting. I co-host a podcast called Pot Psychology with my best friend Rich Juzwiak. We get high and talk about pop culture. It’s hard to explain but easy to listen to.

Listen to “Pot Psychology” on Apple Podcasts, or subscribe to the Patreon

Can you recommend something to watch while stoned? And explain why you like it.

I watch everything stoned. But I highly recommend Raised by Wolves on HBO Max. It’s about how Earth was destroyed by a war between religious zealots and atheists, and a pod of androids and human fetuses were sent out to another planet to try and start humanity over again.

Can you recommend something to listen to while stoned? And explain why you dig it.

Yacht rock. I like to chill. 

Can you recommend something to read once stoned? 

Takeout menus.

Who’s in your dream blunt rotation?

My dream blunt rotation would be Dionne Warwick, Amy Sedaris, Elizabeth Holmes, and Harvey Fierstein.

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