Charlie Sheen’s Excuse For Groping His Dentist Will Make You Laugh

Let’s preface this with the statement that High Times and Nitrous Oxide have an intertwining tale. If you don’t know the story of how nitrous may or may not have spawned High Times itself, first you have to go read this little piece of history for some context.

On that note, let us begin the story of the day by saying: Charlie Sheen, DAMN man, slow your roll!

The renowned actor — who has paved one of the most absurd trails of ridiculous antics in Hollywood history — is fighting his latest lawsuit with some equally fitting testimony.

TMZ reported that Sheen recently filed legal documents contesting a dental tech’s allegations that he “grabbed her boob and came at her with a knife in October as he sat in a dental chair.” She also alleged that his bodyguard told her Sheen was “high on rock cocaine” at the time of his visit. The actor vehemently denied this version of the story, instead contending that he was simply already on pain medication and the addition of nitrous oxide caused a bad reaction that led him to flail and knock over a tray of tools.

Whichever version of the story is true, it can serve as a cautionary tale that some people just need a break from the medication from time to time.

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