Cheech & Chong Celebrate First Film with Clothing Line Dropping 4/20 at Shoe Palace

Up In Smoke is kept alive through a new clothing collection in collaboration with Shoe Palace.
Cheech & Chong
Courtesy Shoe Palace

Represent the duo that started it all with 1978’s Up In Smoke, Cheech & Chong, with high-quality gear that grabs attention. In a collaboration just in time for the 4/20 holiday, Shoe Palace is partnering with Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin to launch a line of stunning T-shirts, shorts, and assorted apparel.

The Shoe Palace x Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke collection is inspired by the 1978 Paramount Pictures film of the same name, in its stores and online. The collection includes tees and shorts that feature the likenesses of the comedy icons, with tye-dye colors available. All the pieces in the line, the company states, were brought to life using top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship and every piece in the collection captures the film’s trademark humor and style.

The collection boasts dozens of new designs, many of which come with embroidered features. We particularly liked the pink Up In Smoke Tie Dye Fleece Men’s Shorts, which comes with two embroidered designs. The pink really makes it pop and there’s a matching Up In Smoke Tie Dye Short Sleeve Men’s Lifestyle Shirt to boot. This combo is pink but maintains a modern, masculine look. Some of the other designs feature embroidery and oversized graphics that really make them stand out.

Courtesy Shoe Palace

Beginning on April 20, you can find The Shoe Palace x Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke collection at Shoe Palace stores and on the website.

1978’s Up In Smoke remains the most popular film starring the comedic duo. The first film spawned a string of hit movies including Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980), Nice Dreams (1981), Things Are Tough All Over (1982), Still Smokin (1983), Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers (1984), Get Out of My Room (1985), Hey, Watch This! (2010), and Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie! (2013). They also appeared as Cheech & Chong in numerous other movies and on TV.

Most recently, last month the duo announced Cheech & Chong’s Last Movie, the definitive documentary on their career, comedy, and of course, cannabis. The documentary was directed by David Bushell and premiered at SXSW on March 12 at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. The documentary explores Cheech & Chong’s five-decade career performing stand-up, making music, and starring in a string of  films. It covers their lives,  partnership, and lasting influence, especially within the cannabis community.

Shoe Palace is one of the most trusted athletic footwear and apparel chains in the United States. What began as a small family business has grown into an extremely popular chain of stores, currently over 200 worldwide, and an online retail site, Shoe Palace was built on a strong belief that amazing service, above all else, is the most important reason why any business succeeds. 

Courtesy Shoe Palace

Cheech & Chong and Pot Reform

The duo met in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada in 1968 and quickly became the faces of the pot movement in the early days. Cheech & Chong have promoted cannabis long before it was cool and High Times has covered the comedic duo since day one.

“When I grew up in Canada, you would smoke it if you had it,” Chong told High Times in 2016. “But we never had a way of getting it, so I really grew up smoking it when it was there, and then when it wasn’t there, no problem. To me, that was one of the greatest things about pot, is that it was non-addictive. I had no problem, and I do it every once in a while.”

In 2003, during the George W. Bush administration, Chong was the prime target of Operation Pipe Dreams, and High Times interviewed him about the ordeal in 2020. Chong was sentenced Sept. 11, 2003, to nine months in a federal prison, a fine of $20,000, forfeiture of $103,000 in assets, and a year of probation. He ended up sharing a cell with Jordan Beleforte—the real “Wolf of Wall Street.” And the crime? Bongs. Chong was charged for his alleged part in financing and promoting Chong Glass Works/Nice Dreams, California-based companies started by his son Paris.

Nowadays, Chong and Marin live a quieter life, promoting several cannabis-related brands and projects. Most recently, Cheech & Chong partnered with the beloved game series Call of Duty. The famous stoner duo can be purchased and usable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

The content was first announced on March 27 along with CoD Season 3 details, but only recently became available for purchase starting on April 17. The bundle is priced at 3,000 CoD points, which is the equivalent of $30.

Cheech and Chong Operators come with a variety of offerings. This includes three weapon blueprints, including “Dankest,” “Hashassin,” and “Mellow and Mild,” each of which comes with the “Still Smokin’ Tracers” and “Up In Smoke” death effects, as well as a finishing move called “Secondhand Smoke.”

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