Lizzo Sports Hemp Eyelashes in Instagram Trend

The singer and rapper loves Velour Beauty’s hemp-derived false eyelashes.

Singer, rapper, and body positivity icon Lizzo is starting a new trend on Instagram: Biodegradable false eyelashes, made from hemp-derived fiber, instead of animal products. As false eyelashes are sometimes made from mink fur, the new hemp alternative is welcomed by many.

Lizzo wore a plethora of makeup items and accessories to the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards last fall but her use of hemp-derived lashes generated the most attention as people are catching on. Glamour reports that Lizzo’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo chose the lashes earlier this year as he prepared her for the Emmys. The exact lashes he used—Velour Beauty Cloud Nine Lashes—are made from vegan plant fibers, 90% biodegradable, and sold at Sephora and Ulta. 

Mayo posted her look on Instagram, and the designer gave Velour Beauty a shout-out for their hemp-derived “falsies” lash line. The team behind Toronto-based Velour Beauty said they are the world’s first hemp-derived lashes last February. 

Why hemp? Hemp proves to be a durable fiber in the beauty world: the biggest perk from using hemp-derived lashes is that they can be used up to 20 times. The company says they’re comfortable as well.

Courtesy of @iwantalexx

Velour Beauty, maker of the lashes, is Asian and female-led, and Canadian founder Mabel Lee was profiled last year in Fashion. Velour Beauty’s Plant Fibre Lash Collection is “a lash collection that is entirely plant-based! All components of this lash, from band to fibres are derived from plants,” the company writes. “The fibres are so fluffy and natural-looking, you’d never know they were hemp-derived.”

The company continues, “our Plant Fibre Lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, can be reused up to 20+ times and come in 100% recyclable packaging.” By cruelty-free, the company stays away from materials like mink fur.

Velour Beauty offers at least three styles of hemp-derived lashes in its inexpensive Plant Fibre Lash Collection: Second Nature, Cloud Nine, and A New Leaf.

“You get the same Velour quality, lightweight lashes handmade on premium bands for all-day wear and comfort, but you don’t have to compromise quality for sustainability,” the company writes. “With a fluffy natural-looking texture, you’d never know they’re entirely plant-based.”

Lizzo often wears Velour Beauty hemp-derived lashes, as you can see on accounts exclusively devoted to her makeup. Dramatic lashes are part of her persona. The hemp lashes demonstrate some level of commitment to the environment with a better choice of lashes.

Lizzo Posts About Cannabis Often

It’s not just hemp Lizzo is all about; often it’s weed. Lizzo tweets about cannabis often, and swears by suppositories. And she’s happy to tell all of her followers about her encounters with suppository products.

Time named Lizzo as “Entertainer of the Year” in 2019 for her quick rise to fame. With quick fame comes all of the negative consequences. The singer’s messaging in her music videos about body positivity is crystal clear, but doesn’t always fare well on social media. Trolls on Twitter drove Lizzo from the platform temporarily in 2020.

Despite her constant trolls, Lizzo frequently mentions her encounters with cannabis. In one instance, she announced to her Twitter followers she would be trying cannabis-infused suppositories, tweeting later that they were highly effective.

In another instance, Lizzo tweeted that she’s in love, and it’s not just the weed.

Velour Beauty is taking the lead in innovative ways to use hemp in the beauty world, and Lizzo donning the lashes on social media doesn’t hurt. Hemp-derived lashes are a drop in the bucket of all the ways it can provide a better and more durable fiber.

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