Travis Barker Talks Moving into Adult-Use Space, Touring, and Barker Canna Co.

With the Blink-182 reunion world tour on deck, Travis Barker launches Barker Canna Co. in California.
Travis Barker
Courtesy Barker Cannabis Co.

Today Travis Barker—the lauded drummer of recently reunited Blink-182, Transplants, Goldfinger, and more—announced the launch of Barker Canna Co., after founding CBD brand Barker Wellness last April.

The concept is to provide quality cannabis products that are capable of promoting both creativity and wellness, and the rigors of touring pushed Barker into the potent side of the cannabis space. 

Barker Canna Co. initially launched in California at The Syndicate dispensary locations with plans to expand throughout the state. The company will likely expand in other states with legal cannabis markets in 2024. The Barker Canna Co. will roll out everything from live rosin and full-gram vapes, gummies, and mini-infused pre-rolls. The vape hardware for the live rosin and full-gram vape products was developed by Jupiter Research, known experts in the field. 

Hemp-derived products are regulated entirely differently from adult-use cannabis products in California. So what in fact prompted Barker’s decision to move from hemp-derived CBD products to state-legal potent cannabis?

“The decision to expand from hemp-derived CBD products to state-legal potent cannabis was driven by a strategic response to the evolving cannabis landscape and consumer preferences,” Barker tells High Times

Things have been good lately for the drummer: Last month, Barker kicked off the Emmys—something he’s been waiting “all his life” to do, performing Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight” along with an entourage of performers, Anthony Anderson and a choir from Compton, California. Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” just hit one billion streams on Spotify, joining the “Billion Club.” The band’s last album One More Time was released on Oct. 20, 2023, prompting an extended world tour.

Cannabis became the answer to a life constantly on the road, he explained, and part of it was about his own recovery process. The momentous, four-leg Blink-182 reunion world tour will take Barker from Madrid to Melbourne by the time it’s over. This means nearly 100 shows, over 40 in North America and dozens more in Europe, Latin American, and Oceania—imagine the toll that level of touring would take on a person’s body.

“Initially seeking balance amid a chaotic lifestyle, cannabis, especially edibles, became my recovery go-to,” Barker says. “For me personally, it’s about aligning mentally and physically with my chosen lifestyle. Today, my relationship with cannabis is sophisticated, focusing on balance, creativity, well-being, and positive vibes. Barker Canna Co. is born from this journey, offering quality products to share what I’ve learned.” 

Courtesy Barker Cannabis Co.

Barker Canna Co. Launches in California

The brand features items like vegan and gluten-free Mini Peanut Butter Cups or hard-hitting Live Rosin All-In-One Vapes. But one thing that stood out to us are the Barkies—packs of five mini pre-rolls dipped in kief. These come in strains like Rainbow OG Popsicle or Blackberry Diesel. He plans on expanding Barker Canna Co. products to other state-legal cannabis markets in the near future. It’s a state-by-state process different from selling hemp-derived products legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

“California is our starting point, laying down the groundwork for our brand,” Barker says. We plan to expand throughout the state and other legalized states in 2024 so stay tuned. We’re keeping it flexible and ready for whatever comes our way.” 

Occasionally High Times staff goes to The Syndicate—some locations having a false library wall for a pretty badass retro speakeasy aesthetic. The velvet-lined walls take you back 100 years to the Roaring ‘20s. It’s a vibe if you’ve never been to one.

“I’ve been going to The Syndicate for years,” Barker recalls. “They have an incredible team and amazing product selection. As a result, they have become my go-to trustworthy cannabis retailer. Their vibe is really cool and I always have the best experience going into their stores.”

Barker and Blink-182 are currently on the Australia leg of their tour, so there’s a lot more work to do, and a lot more recovery. Barker was only about 17 and a known stoner in school when Blink-182 formed, long before fame, marrying a Kardashian, and reality television. And the last time the original line-up of Blink-182 performed was in 2014—a decade ago. So what will he do to prepare for the tour?

“My prep work for touring looks a lot different than it used to!” Barker, 48, laughs. “I try to stay as active as possible and make sure I really take care of myself and recover when I have down time. Using the Barker Wellness and Barker Canna Co. products helps with this journey—whether it’s to alleviate muscle pain or spark creativity. Maintaining stamina and strength is crucial for what I do so I’m constantly practicing so I can perform at my best.”

Visit a The Syndicate location throughout California to find Barker Canna Co., developed in part by Barker.

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