10 Must-Have Presidential Pot Items to Celebrate President’s Day

For President’s Day, we wanted to highlight how the weed community honors (or pokes fun at) our past, present, almost and future presidents.

1. Abraham Lincoln Pipe

Lincoln PipeMore wooden than Lincoln’s teeth.

2. Donald Trump Bong


Actually, this one might cause nightmares.


3. George Washington Pipe

George Washington Pipe

George deserves nothing less than the fanciest face pipe.

4. Ronald Reagan Lighter

Reagan Lighter

Warning: might cause communism.


5. Bernie Sanders Grinder Set

 Bernie Grinder

Okay, so he wasn’t a president, but we can hope.

6. Richard Nixon Bong

 Nixon Bong

Nix was used to blowing smoke anyway.

7. Barack Obama Grinder

Obama Grinder

Mourn the end of his tenure with a bowl in his honor.



8. Obama Rolling Papers

Obama Rolling papers

Just for good measure.

9. JFK and Washington Smoking Blunt Coins

JFK and Washington Blunt Coins

Well-behaved men never make history.

10. Yeezy Lighter 

Kanye Lighter

Kanye 2020.


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