The 2017 SoCal Harvest Cup: Day 1 Recap

Warning: Potential FOMO ahead.
The 2017 SoCal Harvest Cup: Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the 2017 SoCal Harvest Cup kicked off on Saturday at the National Orange Show Events Center, in San Bernardino, California, with blue skies and green as far as the eye could see—yes, that sticky icky kind. Presented by THC Design and Brass Knuckles, Day 1 of the SoCal Harvest Cup was lit on every level.

From booths offering free dabs and samples at every corner to all of the different activations and seminars, there was something for every type of cannabis consumer. It was so exciting, and between the weed and the music, we began hoping the day would never end.

Feeling the FOMO? Well, it’s your lucky day because there are still tickets available for Day 2 tomorrow! Get them online at or find them available for purchase at the door. (Pro tip: Tickets are cheaper online!)

Click through the photos below to see all the action from Day 1 of the SoCal Harvest Cup!

The 2017 SoCal Harvest Cup: Day 1 Recap

Lines of people swarmed the main entrance as soon as doors opened at 12 p.m.

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