7 Things You Definitely Need The First Time You Smoke Weed

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You just got your first bag of cannabis. The smell is creeping out, and you know it’s about to be pretty dank—now you just need the right tools to go along with it! Luckily, we got you covered.

1. Water Pipe or Bubbler

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Bubblers and water pipes are the OG way to get stoned to the bone! Glass pieces are more fragile than acrylic, but provide a cleaner taste. Want even smoother rips? Get a piece with percolators that disperse and cool your smoke.

2. Grinder


Unless you have tiny Trump hands, breaking up your herb by hand is a major pain! Effortlessly get your green to a perfect grind with this necessity. Grinder tech has gotten way better over the past several years, and now there are amazing grinders that get the job done electronically or funnel straight into your bowl in seconds.

3. Air-Tight Storage

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Remember that bag of dank we mentioned earlier? Enter: The Doob Tube. This practical and inconspicuous container will be your lifesaver when it comes to hiding the smell of your freshly rolled blunt. Let sandwich bags be for sandwiches!

4. Pipe Cleaners


You know that dark glass your friend has? It’s more than likely supposed to be clear. Never be “that guy;” clean your glass pieces! They will hit much smoother and make your green taste clean. But we’re not talking elementary art class pipe cleaners, you absolutely need pipe cleaners with thick bristles to scrape away tough buildup.

5. Plazma Lighter


What is that smell? Is it pizza? Is it grandma? No, it’s probably the dank you just lit up. With the plasma lighter from DankCity, you can recharge the lighter with a USB plugin. There is no butane or fluids, and the lighter is windproof and definitely a cool piece to have in the collection.

6. Roller and Tray


Turns out life isn’t like what high school health class told you, and people aren’t just going to offer you perfectly rolled J’s. No worries—a RAW Roller will give you a perfectly rolled J… Every. Single. Time.

7. Low Key Delivery


If you’re trying to keep your new hobby low-key and avoid being seen at the headshop, then you need discreet delivery. Not every company discreetly delivers, so be sure to check beforehand, so your neighbors don’t know what’s up.

Luckily, online services such as Daily High Club will disguise your card statement and privacy wrap every package. From lighters to rolling trays, grinders to doob tubes, you can get all the essentials and even score some awesome luxury items.

The premium subscription boxes also deliver a new glass piece every month and are far more affordably than headshops. So you’ll never have to worry about your high friend knocking over your glass, and you’ll have a pretty badass collection.

What was your first smoking experience like? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

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