9 Activities To Socialize Your Smoke Sesh

Desperate for some new activities to socialize your smoke sesh? Look no further. We got you covered.
9 Activities To Socialize Your Smoke Sesh

When April 20th comes around, you’ll need activities to socialize your smoke sesh. But before you go crazy making 30 dozen cannabis-infused brownies for friends, jump at the chance to enjoy all your senses while baked. Not just your eyes and ears. Actually, four reasons stand out as perfect motives to rally your buds for some bud:

  • Active blood flow juices your high. So right off top, you’ll feel a clear buzz from moving around. In fact, CBD improves circulation by all measures.
  • Plus, THC and CBD, the main chemicals in weed, affect your brain and body. Weed is a “psychosocial” drug. That means you get the most from it when you’re engaging your full range of senses, like touch. (Which can only happen when you spring up and about!)
  • Come to think of it, the entire process works better in active people. Ever heard of “runner’s high?” That’s what athletes feel when they’ve finished an intense workout: a rush of hormones designed to cool and calm the body. Well, that metabolic surge happens with THC, so why not jumpstart it by moving?
  • Ultimately, weed is a social plant. Maybe you like alone time. No big deal. But for people who want bonds with friends to take place over a joint, a sesh works great. Where else can you joke with co-workers over episodes of Black Mirror? Or wow your date with knowledge of deep-sea wildlife over the hum of your city street?

With that said, here are nine ways to socialize your smoke sesh:

1. Go bird watching

9 Activities To Socialize Your Smoke Sesh

The hundreds of birds native to your area need listing! And what better way to pay tribute to the clouds than to keep your head in them?

Scouting for birds trains your mind and memory, which will help long term.

And you’ll impress houseguests with bird trivia for hours on end.

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