Berner To Join Cast of ‘The Freak Brothers’

Actor and comedian Tiffany Haddish, star of “The Freak Brothers,” is looking forward to cannabis entrepreneur and rapper Berner’s upcoming addition to the show’s cast.

Grammy and Emmy award-winning comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish is celebrating a new partnership between cannabis brand Cookies and the animated series The Freak Brothers that was marked by a 4/20 product launch in California. Haddish, who voices one of the characters in the show and serves as an executive producer, recently appeared at a Cookies dispensary in Los Angeles to kick off the collaboration. Entrepreneur and Billboard-charting rapper Berner, co-founder and CEO of the international cannabis and lifestyle brand, will join the show in future seasons of the animated series celebrating weed culture.

The Freak Brothers hit the cannabis scene in 1968 with the debut of the underground comic “The Furry Fabulous Freak Brothers” by creator Gilbert Shelton. The franchise, considered by many to be one of the most influential underground comics ever, soon became a counterculture hit, with more than 45 million comic books sold around the world. 

In 2022, the Freak Brothers concept was translated into an animated series for the Fox streaming platform Tubi. In the television show, the protagonists Fat Freddy Freekowtski (voiced by actor John Goodman), Phineas T. Phreakears (Pete Davidson) and Franklin Freek (Woody Harrelson) are transported from the freewheeling 1960s to modern times after getting so high that they pass out for five decades. After waking up, still in their San Francisco basement apartment after 50 years, the Freak Brothers try to find their way in the seemingly futuristic setting, with highly hilarious results.

Haddish, who plays the brothers’ sassy cat Kitty, says the collaboration between Cookies and The Freak Brothers was a natural fit. 

“The Freak Brothers is an old stoner comic book from the ‘60s and in the new show they smoke that good weed that transports them 50 years into the future,” Haddish said in an exclusive statement to High Times, “and we knew Cookies had that good weed that the Freaks would smoke so it was like BAM!”

Co-Branded ‘LSD Joint’ Hits Store Shelves

Last month, The Freak Brothers joined Cookies to celebrate the collaboration and launch of a new co-branded pre-roll dubbed the ‘LSD Joint,’ which hit store shelves just in time for 4/20. The launch also celebrated Berner’s upcoming addition to the star-studded cast of “The Freak Brothers” alongside Harrelson, Goodman, Haddish and Davidson. 

“We felt like ‘LSD Joint’ was an appropriate name for our collab given the Freak Brothers are from the ’70s, from San Francisco, and this joint is EXTREMELY strong,” Berner said in a statement about the collaboration, adding “I love that the animated show is so weed-friendly and done with class. I’m incredibly excited to announce that I am joining the Freak Brothers show alongside an epic cast.”

Greg Goldner, head of brand and strategy for Freak Brothers, says the new collaboration with Cookies celebrates the two brands’ shared heritage.

“This is the first-ever official cannabis product for ‘The Freak Brothers,’ so we wanted to lean into the cool trippy Bay Area heritage shared by both brands while producing a product the Freaks themselves would have loved to spark up,” Goldner said in a statement to the press.

“From the intricate details of the engraved, reusable wood tips to the vibrant, psychedelic designs of the package, every aspect of this collaboration perfectly captures the creative ethos both ‘The Freak Brothers’ and Cookies are renowned for,” Goldner added.

Haddish says she leaned into the partnership when she heard about the exclusive cannabis products planned for the collaboration.

“Berner and the Cookies team talked to the Freak Brothers team to come up with something cool, and once I knew there was going to be a marijuana line, I said let’s do this because she ready over here – and we just getting started,” said Haddish.

The first two seasons of The Freak Brothers are currently streaming for free on Tubi. The show is executive produced by Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton, along with award-winning showrunners Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland. Haddish, Harrelson, Davidson, Shelton and Manfred Mroczkowski also serve as executive producers of the series. 

“We’re excited to welcome Berner to the show. His proven track record of innovation and his authentic love of cannabis culture is a perfect marriage with the Freak Brothers,” said Courtney Solomon, Freak Brothers’ CEO and show executive producer. “We look forward to a long collaboration together.” 

Season 3 of The Freak Brothers animated series is currently in the works, although a release date for new episodes has not yet been announced.

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