Artist Uses High Times Articles to Create Bill Maher Portrait

Artist Uses High Times Articles to Create Bill Maher Portrait
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Well-known weed aficionado Bill Maher has received the highest honor of being immortalized as artwork.

Using collage material from old issues of High Times Magazine and the New York Times, artist Geoffrey Stein created a pop-culture portrait of the comic to reflect Maher’s wit, values and razor-sharp comedy, which Stein says he relied on to make sense of the 2016 presidential election.

Bill Maher As High Art
Bill Maher (2016): Material from High Times magazine, The New York Times, acrylic, gesso and pencil on canvas

The portrait is part of Stein’s “Late Night” series, currently on display at LOVE ART Gallery and Studio in South Norwalk, Connecticut. Stein uses collage material that is related to his subjects to create their likeness in what he terms “a modern take on the renaissance tradition of putting objects into a portrait to illustrate the attributes of the subject.”

It makes sense, then, that Stein turned to High Times for his piece on Bill Maher, who has been an advocate for the cannabis community for a very long time.

Maher famously lit a joint on late-night TV just last year, making media history. Following a segment in which he admonished pot smokers for not doing enough to support the fight to legalize marijuana nationally, called out President Obama for being weak on weed and argued that cannabis needs to be legal across the country, Maher whipped out a joint and took a toke on air.

Stein notes that, after several months of the current administration’s antics, “weed made be the only way to deal with the Trump presidency.” Indeed. Visit LOVE ART Gallery to see Stein’s depiction of Bill Maher in all his High Times-ian glory.

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