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This is the first chance I’ve had to get to a computer since I arrived in Amsterdam, and I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it brief.
Got in yesterday morning around 8 a.m. fellow High Timer Dan Skye and I took the wrong train out of Schipol airport, but still made it to Central Station by 9. First thing I did when i got off the train was walk over to Barneys and buy 2 different types of black hash and a black glass pipe, and smoked some over breafast. Went to my hotel (which has no internet or phone and a 4 story walk up), showered and napped, and then headed over to the Sugar Factory club and chilled with the rest of the HT staff. After that, we all went out for Indonesian/Tibetan food (which rocked), then off to my favorite rock club Korsakoff. It was goth/industrial night, so it wasnt as metal as I’d hoped, but still a good time. My friend D-Monica was supposed to meet me there later, but after everyone else bailed on me, I ended up leaving around 2am. Of course, she came just after I left. D’oh! Grabbed a pizzadog (a hotdog with sauce, cheese and bits of ham on it-why havent we thought of that in America yet?) and crashed.
After a good sleep, I venture to the BlueBird to pick up some more hash, and am now chilling in with the elder hippie council and cleebrity judges at our secret HT HQ on the canal. The calm before the storm….tomorrow 2300 American stoners arrive, and the real madness begins….
Infamously yours,

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