These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples

From museum hopping to creating the ultimate spa escape, we outline seven suggestions that don’t include Netflix and chill.
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Who says Valentine’s Day is the only day that deserves a creative approach to date night? Even once the heart-filled holiday has passed, having a few fresh ideas up your sleeve can make a big difference in any relationship. They can help you transcend the dreaded funk that often affects long-term couples. You know: the one where you’re sitting at home asking, “What should we do tonight?” to which your other responds, “Iunno, what do you want to do?”

Plus, stepping outside of your comfort zone is always more fun when you’re doing it with someone you love. Below, we’ve rounded up seven date night ideas to help you do just that. Don’t forget to consider the kind of mood you want to be in and consume accordingly—reach for indicas to achieve relaxation and sativas to stay active and engaged.

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples
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Flex Your Culinary Skills

Get cozy in the kitchen and cook with cannabis oil, like this creamed honey infused oil from Hempme. Even if you’re a takeout-ordering pro, cooking with cannabis provides the perfect opportunity to experiment and try something new. Pick up a copy of the latest Kitchen Toke for recipe inspiration, and you’ll be all set for a highly delicious night in. Alternatively, sign up for a cooking class and be sure to get a little blazed beforehand—you’ll never have food that tasted so good.

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples

Go Museum-Hopping

Play tourist in your own town. Make a list of local museums to check out, pop an edible together, and then prepare to see art and history in a whole new way. “It’s incredible what our minds do when we’re looking at art stoned,” Kristina Adduci, founder of House of Puff, tells High Times. “The Hilma af Klint show at the Guggenheim should be at the top of everyone’s list.” Afterward, sit down for a cup of CBD cold brew to chat about which exhibits and pieces were your favorites.

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples

Embark on a Munchies Tour

If you’re going to be hungry anyway, you might as well take advantage and make a day out of it. “My husband and I will smoke Pineapple Express, known to give you the munchies, and we each pick two to three spots in the city to grab an appetizer, dinner, and dessert,” Adduci says. “It’s a great way to try new places and get to know what type of food your partner craves when they’re stoned.” Spontaneity is key, so avoid making any reservations—just wander around and see where your cravings lead.

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples

Reconnect With Nature

Unplug for a while and embrace the solitude of the great outdoors. Camping helps partners work together in unexpected ways—after all, pitching a tent can be much harder than it looks. “Camping opens the door for partners to relate to each other in a completely new environment without any distractions,” says Samantha Morrison, a cannabis researcher at Glacier Wellness. “Plus, there’s nothing like roasting cannabis-infused s’mores, cuddling under a blanket, and stargazing with your significant other.”

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples
High Times

Start a Hula Hoop Battle

When was the last time you busted out some hula hoop moves? For many people, it’s probably been years, if not decades. “We never could hula hoop sober,” shares Anthony Franciosi, head grower at Honest Marijuana Company. “But after a few tokes, we could damn near turn pro—if that were a thing, which it should be. There’s something extremely satisfying about finding the rhythm in your hips to keep that hoop spinning. Add in a bit of your favorite music, and the experience will be transcendent for you and your date.”

These Date Night Ideas Are Perfect For Cannabis-Loving Couples
Courtesy of Darrin Zeer

Downward Dog in Unison

Work up a sweat with a vinyasa flow, and amplify the experience with the cannabis products of your choosing. “A great combo my wife and I love for date night: Doing partner yoga and massage while enjoying InfiniteCBD’s “Big Bang” lube and smoking a hybrid or sativa strain like Maui Wowie or Sour Diesel,” says Darrin Zeer, author of Lovers’ Yoga who regularly hosts cannabis yoga retreats in Colorado and Canada. “It helps get us in the mood and enhances our sense of touch.”

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Create a Spa Escape

Fancy spas and couple massages are great and all, but why not create that luxurious experience for yourself? All it takes is giving the typical staycation a little boost. “Book a luxury suite at a hotel that has a tub for two,” suggest Sandra Hinchliffe, author of CBD Every Day and The Cannabis Spa at Home. “Bring your best vape and flowers, and pack some cannabis-infused bath bombs or bath salts for a romantic soak. Enhance with rose or other flower petals in the bath.” Don’t forget the cannabis tea to really take your relaxation mode to the next level.

  1. My idea of a perfect date night is lounging in a warm bath filled with rose petals and a cbd bath bomb while sipping on some champagne. I love to use my favorite bath bomb from CBD Infusion. It smells amazing and really helps set the mood, I get horny just thinkng about it. I get mine at: – I love it!

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