Defying Gravity & the Trump Administration

On a brisk March morning in New York City, Justin wakes up from his four-hour slumber, dazed from last night’s forty and blunt intake. He receives an alert on his phone—“Attorney General Sessions’ best view is that [America] doesn’t need to be legalizing marijuana.”

As a BMX’er, bonafide NYC stoner and rebel with a cause, Justin’s natural reaction is to gear up in his statement High Times digs, call the crew, roll up some doobies and catch air at Coleman Skate Park under the Manhattan Bridge.


Unbeknownst to Justin and his crew, they embody the modern day rebel.

These kids are using clothing to respond to shifts in government positions towards cannabis—coupled with blatant ganja smoke and gravity defying BMX tricks, the gear is a middle finger to the appointment of Jeff Sessions, a protest sign they can rock on a daily basis, a representation of their life, lifestyle and the uncompromising belief that cannabis is a god-given plant that brings a net positive to the world.

In the same way that the Women’s March have their signature pink pussy hats, the Cannabis movement has ‘Love Your Dealer’ gear and ‘Adults Only’ patches.

Our Light It Up Rebel! Collection follows the NYC crew as they embark on their joint-twisting, bunny-hopping and pot-repping journey through a the Lower East Side Skate Park, downtown Manhattan alleys and finally back home to the East Village.


Ron English Rolling Papers Hoodie || Infamous High Times Multi-Patch Hoodie


High Times Logo Navy Coach’s Jacket



Ron English Navy THC Patch Htoodie || Ron English Reversible M1 Bomber Jacket


Ron English Grim Reefer Long Sleeve Tee || Adults Only! Sherpa Jacket



Light It Up! Black Denim Flame Jacket || Unleashed Passion Long Sleeve Tee


Ron English Grim Reefer Long Sleeve Tee || Adults Only! Sherpa Jacket




Adults Only! Sherpa Jacket || High Times Logo Coach’s Jacket || Infamous High Times Logo Cap


Light It Up! Black Denim Flame Jacket


High Times Logo Navy Coach’s Jacket || Infamous High Times Multi-Patch Hoodie


Light It Up! Blue Denim Flame Jacket || Ron English Rolling Papers Maroon THC Patch Hoodie





For more images please visit: High Times Spring 2017 Light It Up Rebel! Collection

Photographer: Sharon Morrero, IG @_718s
Models: @edwarhajari, @jaylucci_, @justbmxmorris, @blakzini, @havecooth, @ios.hank, @nofoodporn

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