Dennis Rodman Gives Stephen Colbert A Pot Present

The ex-NBAer made sure he was extra generous this holiday season.
Dennis Rodman Gives Stephen Colbert A Pot Present

Hall-of-Famer forward and five-time NBA Champion Dennis Rodman made a guest appearance on The Late Show last night and, as per usual, the ex-NBAer was his flamboyant, highly-quotable self. The former defensive player of the year, sporting a ‘PotCoin’ shirt and bright-green nail polish, spoke at length to host Stephen Colbert about his well-documented friendship with Korean dictator Kim-Jong-Un.

But before the segment ended, Rodman presented Colbert with a little gift of his own.

A pot present, if you will.

Dennis Rodman Gives Stephen Colbert A Pot Present on ‘The Late Show’

Naturally, the segment kicked off with Colbert asking about Rodman’s odd shirt.

“What is PotCoin?” the late night host questioned.

“It’s a cryp, uhh crypto, uhh I can’t even say it. It’s a cryptocurrency out of Montreal,” Rodman explained while stumbling over his words.

“A cryptocurrency like BitCoin?” Colbert asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” Rodman answered.

“You must be high,” Colbert joked after Rodman explained the shirt, which featured an image of himself, flanked by Donald Trump to his left and Kim Jong-un to his right, with the word ‘unite’ underneath in capital letters.

Naturally, Rodman wasn’t going to leave the Late Show without giving Colbert a parting gift, so he reached into his pocket to grab the host a shirt of his own, albeit with one marked difference.

This shirt gifted by the Hall-of-Famer was almost a near replica of Rodman’s, except this one featured an image of Colbert next to Rodman, Trump and Jong-un.

“I will say one more time, ” Colbert went on to say. “You must be high.”

Final Hit: Dennis Rodman Gives Stephen Colbert A Pot Present

For those unsatisfied with Rodman’s one-sentence explanation of PotCoin, it’s a cryptocurrency designed as a potential solution to the cannabis industry’s well-documented banking problems. The company, based out of Montreal, looks to not only solve banking issues in Canada (which is on course to hopefully legalize recreational cannabis by July) but for places around the globe that utilize legal pot.

Here’s the description straight from PotCoin’s official website:

PotCoin was designed to empower, secure and facilitate the legal cannabis community’s transactions by creating a unique crypto currency for this thriving industry. PotCoin removes the need for cash transactions and encourages buying through consumer incentives. PotCoin as a digital currency is an alternative payment network for cannabis users, merchants and industry professionals. The PotCoin network allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.”

So how does Rodman come into play?

Well, they’ve actually been sponsoring Rodman’s trips to North Korea, where the basketball legend has tried to ease tensions between the fascist country and the United States. While Rodman’s motives have been questioned, it appears that he’s making a genuine attempt to steer us away from a potential nuclear war.

Look no further than the message on his PotCoin shirts for proof of that notion.

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