Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught?

Vaporizers have been touted as a subtle way to consume cannabis. But how subtle is it really? Does vaping weed make you less likely to be caught?
Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught?

There’s no question that vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to inhale cannabis. And while vaporizers have been around for a while, it’s e-cigarette culture that has helped them go mainstream. Millions of tobacco users have made the switch to vaping. And as a result, vaping devices have flooded the market, making the technology more accessible to cannabis users. For many, there are two major draws to vaping weed—it’s portable and discrete. And this raises an important question: Does vaping weed make you less likely to be caught?

Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likely To Be Caught?

At this point, the smell of vapes is a common scent on any city street, as are the often massive plumes of white, fragrant “smoke” vape users like to exhale.

While smoking cigarettes in public places is generally frowned upon, vaping often gets a free pass. Since vapes don’t smell like cigarettes, people worried about second-hand smoke tend not to notice or care too much about vapor that smells like cotton candy or citrus.

So it’s totally common to see people vaping with e-cigarettes inside bars, on the street or at the club. Basically, everywhere a conventional cigarette smoker wouldn’t be able to light up.

Given this kind of access, tobacco users who vape with e-cigarettes are finding themselves back with the same level of freedom they had before cities started outlawing public smoking. In the United States, a 2014 CDC survey found that more than nine million Americans use vapes on a regular basis. That number is almost certainly much greater today.

And all those people using e-cigarettes has given cannabis users the perfect cover.

Weed smokers have known for a while that vaping is less odorous and doesn’t linger as long as smoke from combustion methods. But now, people who want to vape weed in public can just blend in with the e-cigarette users.

So many people are vaping these days, how could anyone tell which device is loaded with e-cig juice and which with cannabis oil?

Here’s Why Vaping Weed Could Make You Less Likely To Get Busted

Most cannabis smokers quickly develop a repertoire of tricks to mask, disguise and diffuse the smells of combustion. But in terms of discretion, nothing is more effective than a vape.

More accurately though, it’s vapes that handle concentrates that make you less likely to expose your little secret. Some weed vaporizers can handle dried flower, but the smells from that are going to be a fairly tell-tale sign that you’re not using an e-cig.

However, vaporizers that burn concentrates, waxes and oils are virtually indistinguishable in smell and appearance from e-cigs. Today, it’s possible to find CBD and THC oils in any dispensary or retail store. They have the same flavors as e-cig juice—berries and candies and citrus and all manner of deliciousness.

So does vaping weed make you less likely to be caught?

When you vape these concentrates, you’re really only inhaling water vapor and extracted cannabinoids. People in the vicinity are going to smell the flavor of the concentrate. But they won’t smell the signature scent of combusted plant matter. Incidentally, this makes using a vape to inhale cannabis less harmful than pure combustion methods.

The untrained eye, furthermore, is unlikely to spot the difference between a vaporizer designed especially for cannabis and a common e-cig vape. Of course, you can adapt many of them to serve both purposes.

All of this adds up to an answer in the affirmative to the question, does vaping weed make you less likely to get caught? Yes, both in private at your home or a friend’s place, and in public, you’re way more likely to get away with it if you vape.

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