Doggface to Debut Track with Klypso, Snoop Dogg and War, Dropping on 4/20

We spoke with TikTok sensation Doggface about cannabis, NFTs and his new song “Low Rider,” which you can watch a clip of below.
Still from the music video for Klypso – Low Rider feat. Snoop Dogg, Doggface, and War

Viral TikTok longboarder Doggface, aka Nathan Apodaca, joined Snoop Dogg, War and Grammy-nominated producer Klypso, aka Joseph Mourad, to release “Low Rider”—the classic re-envisioned as a stoner anthem—on April 20. 

The star-studded music video features Cheech and Chong, George Lopez, Princess Love and Dr. Miami, doing exactly what you’d expect. A clip of the video was released on March 20, a month before the whole track is released. The song’s mellow vibe seems to go hand-in-hand with the pleasures of the cannabis lifestyle. 

It’s a dream fulfilled for the Idaho native who now boasts over 7 million followers on TikTok. In 2020, Doggface’s video featuring Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” broke the internet, and the band’s 1977 classic soared to number one on iTunes in October 2020. It was as though everyone forgot how badass Fleetwood Mac was until Doggface reminded us all. Even Mick Fleetwood recreated the scene. 

How did the original TikTok video happen? His car wouldn’t start that day, and for some reason, Doggface just decided to be positive about it, longboarding to work—cran-raspberry juice in hand—and made a TikTok with one of his favorite songs. His fame came quickly and unexpectedly. He creates content and makes deals on the daily now, but never rapped until now.

“This is stuff that I dream about,” Doggface told High Times. “You know what I mean?” High Times connected with Doggface shortly after he first blew up in 2020.

If Doggface could travel five years into the past, he probably wouldn’t expect to be rapping alongside Snoop Dogg. “You talk about this,” he said. “In 2017, I had no idea I’d be doing any of this right now. I thought I’d be in the warehouse. Slaving away. So you know what I mean, ‘til retirement, I guess.”

Watch a clip of the new song “Low Rider,” which drops on April 20.

How the Track was Made

Klypso produced the track and put it together—one of his most high profile collaborations, after working alongside artists in the past such as Dr. Dre, Flo Rida, T.I. and not to mention producing “Say What” for Ne-Yo. 

Klypso set out to take Doggface to the next level. “So I was sitting on a couch over at my boy’s office and we were just kind of riding cloud nine,” Klypso said, who produced the track. “At day two, I just was like, ‘I wonder what it would be like to put a record together with Doggface.’ I was in touch with [his management], and just you know ran the idea past her, and she was like, ‘you know let’s try to give this a shot.’ So it was just you know, one of those ideas that manifested while sitting on a couch, man.”

The song is War’s 1975 classic “Low Rider” re-imagined. While War’s song began as a tribute to Los Angeles Chicano culture, hydraulics and hot rods, as the band hailed from nearby Long Beach, it’s now associated with stoners. Why? You can thank Cheech and Chong for that. In the opening credits of 1978’s Up in Smoke, “Low Rider” by War is playing, and the film’s title appears in Los Angeles-style graffiti writing.

“I mean, the song’s iconic, in and of itself, you know what I mean?” Doggface said. “And then to be labeled with Cheech and Chong… Like you said in the opening credits. Yeah, I remember that fondly.”

The music video was filmed in Burbank, as well as Snoop Dogg’s compound in Inglewood, and a couple other miscellaneous spots throughout greater Los Angeles. As you’d guess, you’ll see plenty of hydraulics and vintage cars in the video.

“It was all kind of put together like back-to-back and then we decided we wanted some additional shoots. So we shot where I live in my neighborhood, like the Sherman Oaks area and did some B-roll, and also shot in Hollywood,” Klypso said. “I kind of wanted to make sure that all the history that the original song belongs to was embedded in there, you know, from Cheech and Chong. And even George Lopez had it as his theme song. So the theme song for his show that we had and putting everybody together was super important for this remake just to recreate the history of the song.” Klypso said War will be directly involved in the project as well.

Doggface and Cannabis

The song heralds Doggface’s love of cannabis, which usually takes place just out of view from his TikTok cam. As it turns out, Doggface is smoking his own concentrate and flower these days. And he’s growing as well, in Portland, Oregon. 

“I actually got my own farm right now,” Doggface said. “Doggface Farms out in Portland, Oregon. I’m smoking on my own Vibe Resin is what we’re calling it because of the vibes from Doggface and everything, you know. And then we got pre rolls going out right now we’re calling Dog Bones. Right now, you know, it’s going crazy. We’re in like 12 dispensaries right now. And I’m making the sales on my own. My partner is my brother that I grew up with since I was a kid. There’s only like four of us or five in the farm right now, so like a steady building it up. But I’m telling you, Fire, Fire, Fire! Fucking resin, and oh my God, [you’ll] know where to vibrate and vibration. We also have CBD coming out.”

In the chorus of the track the lyrics go, “no lighter” instead of “low rider” at some parts in the song. And you never want to find yourself without a lighter. Some people prefer the Clipper over the classic BiC, because BiC lighters are non-refillable, which is wasteful, and don’t come with a tool. BiC on the other hand led a viral ad campaign with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for the BiC EZ Reach. We asked producer Klypso what really is the ultimate lighter.

“I’m a fan of the Clippers because I feel like that’s the stoner lighter,” Klypso said. “You know, for me I like to roll joints and there’s always that end part where you want to stuff the end before you twist right, and I usually pull that little thing out that you flick with that the Clipper has built in, and then I twist up and then just flick, flick away after.”

The NFT Space and Other Endeavors

Doggface also announced his intentions to sell his TikTok video as an NFT, or non-fungible token. An NFT gives the buyer exclusive ownership of something on the internet as a non-fungible token.

“Yeah, looking for someone to get in touch with to release a line [of] NFTs right now,” Doggface said. “It’s in the talks and everything like that we’re getting released soon. So like I said, video with the original skateboard and video, vibe now, and whatever will be on there as well, hopefully with the chopped and screwed version of the song, you know what I mean? Because we do need some audio in the background. So we’re going to find something or figure it out for that. But there is going to be a lineup of entities with Doggface attached to it.”

Doggface also teamed up with Outdoorsy to help the homeless by renting out his own used trailer after falling on hard times himself in the past. All proceeds from the rentals will go to a variety of charitable organizations of his own choice that benefit homeless people in his home state.

Klypso said there’s a lot going on in his department, but nothing as big as this in magnitude. Doggface agreed. “This is a crazy dream come true,” Doggface said. “Like, I can’t get this out of my head that Snoop Dogg and War and I smoked a joint with Cheech and Chong. And it’s so freaking crazy. And I’m just so happy and like, I can’t explain how ecstatic I am about it all and everything like that.”

Doggface shared his gratitude to Klypso for his work producing the track. “And like I said, to Snoop Dogg for taking the time, everybody that took the time out just to do anything with this. You know what I mean?” Doggface said. “It’s so crazy, man.”

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