Fronz from Attila: My Top 5 Weed Cities

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Editor’s Note: Tomorrow, Atlanta’s metalcore band Attila drops their new album Chaos, and to celebrate, lead singer Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak gave us the scoop on his top five pot cities in the world! Make sure to follow the band—and Fronz!—on Twitter and Instagram, and pre-order their album here!

I have always respected the positive effects of marijuana. I am personally a huge fan of indicas, specifically heavy indicas. I feel like through my life, I have seen so many people get torn apart by drugs and alcohol, and I have only seen people come together through weed.

My No. 1 favorite city to smoke in is Denver, Colorado. This is because Denver, in my opinion, has some of the best dispensaries. They also have some really great fields, which is awesome. Overall, I enjoy the vibe in Denver. It’s a very active city. Everyone is active, and it is a healthy city, too! Smoking in Denver…you don’t feel lazy. You have to get up and go do stuff, aside from the fact that it’s completely legal there. It makes smoking a lot less stressful, and I feel like the past few times I have been there, everyone is smoking—which is even better. But the main point is really great deals and really great weed. Denver is a city I would consider living in.

My second favorite is Amsterdam, because they were the pioneer city for weed. Since I have toured so much, Amsterdam was the first time I got to experience legal weed and without having to worry about anything at all. That is a moment I will never forget. Overall, their country is one of the cleanest and most beautiful. It is a nice place to get high.

One of the first times I was there, we were smoking a pure spliff. They mix it with tobacco. This was a pure fat blunt, and the band smoked it in a circle. Two police officers walked up to us and our natural reaction was to be worried, even though we knew it was legal. We didn’t know what to do. One of the people we were with spoke Dutch and started talking to the cops. We all were looking at each other freaking out, like, “Oh, no, what are they talking about and saying?” The cop smiled at us, gave us a thumbs up and walked away. Our translator told us the cops said, “Enjoy your time in the Netherlands and get really high.” I will never forget that, and that’s why Amsterdam is a top city for me.

My third favorite city is San Diego. It arguably has the best weather on earth year-round. It’s always 75 degrees and sunny. Nothing feels better than being high in perfect weather and feeling the ocean breeze. They have some of the best weed. The people are really friendly. There is nothing to be mad about. If you live there, you have no reason to be mad, so it is a friendly place to get high.

No. 4 is Portland, Oregon. The reason I like being high in Portland is because EVERYONE is high in Portland. I would feel really weird if I wasn’t high in Portland, basically. While the weather isn’t for everyone, since it does rain a ton, I thought it was nice since the frequent rain creates some cool wildlife and shrubbery. Everything is green in Portland, and the air feels really fresh. When I am high in Portland, I feel really refreshed, like in a different world. I would feel abnormal not smoking in Portland.

The last city, I would have to say, would probably be Glasgow, Scotland. Every time we are there, it’s cold or rainy or bad weather. But the weed keeps my spirits high. The people are awesome but the climate is a bit depressing. I love to smoke in that city because I am nicer person.

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