Glass Artist of the Month: Slick

The glass artist known as “Slick” hails from southeastern Virginia and has been spinning glass since 2000. He honed his glass skills via his connections with a friend who owned the One of a Kind smoke shop in Portsmouth, VA. But it closed in 2003, along with many other shops, as part of the Feds’ Operation Pipe Dreams, which targeted the glass industry.

Slick Glasblower

Forced to work in a shed behind his house, he began connecting with local growers and collectors. Slick then hit the road selling his glass guerilla-style at concerts up and down the East Coast, gaining recognition.

Slick has blended the many styles and techniques of veteran pipers to achieve his own, claiming that fine ganja also stokes his creativity.

“As the secrets of this medium are revealed to me,” he said, “I’m that much closer to creating what my mind’s eye sees. With every piece I create, there’s a vision—unfortunately not one I can always see!”

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